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Singer and songwriter Serena Ryder returns this season to support her newest release Harmony. This Canadian artist is the three time winner of the JUNO Awards. She has two RIAA Gold albums on her portfolio. Her music and songs are deeply influenced by the legendary Beatles and Leonard Cohen. However, these influences combined with her happy go lucky nature and charming personality result in some of the best loved Pop/Rock music from Canada. Serena Ryder tickets offer you to come and soak yourself up in an electrifying experience.

About Serena Ryder Tickets

Serena Ryder sings a variety of styles from Alternative Pop/Rock to Contemporary Rock and Alternative/Indie Rock. Ryder is a young arrival in the genres of pop/rock. She is an iconic star that has played her signature style of music and themes in her songs. She is simply adored by fans for singing about everything they like. From casual hang out to a smashing girl’s night out and a super exciting day driving; the artist presents herself as a reflection of the youth. Like most of them she is an earnest, fun, freewheeling, self-conscious and a very truthful soul. All these things make up the autumnal arousing, confused and searching moods of her music. Her themes are raw that come out beautifully in her live performances.
The artist has been active in music since she got her first guitar at the age of thirteen. This guitar was gifted to her by her father who along with her mother encouraged her to learn and play the instrument. Within five years, this adolescent learnt a great deal about music, singing and songwriting. Her songwriting became a strength and used it create a series of honest and at times blunt songs. All of these became part of demo tapes that were sent to local clubs. She was invited by many of them to come and perform live. This young artist proved herself a promising star in the making.

In 2002, Serene Ryder complied her live club performances in Quebec and created her first official demo. This demo took Ryder’s song to CBC Radio and earned her a great deal of airplay times. Once her songs were played on demand, she was also invited to perform live, on-air. Hawksley Workman listened to one of these sessions and contacted her immediately. He signed her for her debut album Unlikely Emergency. Working under Workman’s label, Isadora Ryder successfully recorded the album and saw its release in 2004.

In 2005, the Unlikely Emergency was reissued across the border in the United States the following year. The album was a mediocre hit, but Ryder her performance at the press conference by the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame offered another groundbreaking opportunity. Next she was to cover a number of Canadian musicians in a collection of cover songs titledIf Your Memory Serves You Well. Released in 2006, the album had three originals along with twelve cover tracks that won hearts of millions in North America. One hit album after the other made Ryder a hot performing artist. She was seen performing live with Aerosmith and singing a duet with Jason Castro on his debut release.

Although Serena became famous for her song ‘Just Another Day’, she didn’t stop here.  She was creative and forward thinking and managed to work with great names in the industry to make two critically acclaimed studio albums. Ryder has gained rave reviews for her studio and live efforts; her first live album, Live released by EMI a big example of this. Peers, fans and critics have been enthralled by Ryder’s songwriting skills and wonderful song delivery. She has gotten numerous standing ovations for her live shows and accolades for her contributions to contemporary rock/pop. The prestigious JUNO Awards for the year 2008 made her the New Artist of The Year. The next year her album Is It O.K. became the Adult Alternative Album of The Year at the JUNOs. In 2010 ‘Little Bit of Red’ became JUNO’s Video of The Year. Apart from this recognition and fame, the artist has also Ryder has bagged fantastic commercial success. Two of her albums, the 2007 release If Your Memory Serves You Well and the 2009 release Is It O.K. were Gold certified.  The single ‘Weak In The Knees’ that was released in 2012 earned a Gold Certification as well. Harmony is Serena Ryder’s latest creation. Cheap Serena Ryder tickets present a great chance to enjoy singles from this album and her hit albums. If you intend to avail this chance, purchase your tickets ASAP!

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Q:Are there any serena ryder tickets available for vancouvr?

A:Yes, we still have a few Serena Ryder Vancouver Tickets available for you to buy and that too at amazing prices. Log on to our website for details and book your tickets now.