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If you have spent years adoring Scorpions and head banging at their live concerts, it must be saddening to know that the band is retiring after 46 tremendous years of rocking the world with their amazing music. Well, fans can have one last chance of watching this super performers live once again as the band has set off on a farewell tour, Final Sting Tour 2012. The news is sending as much excitement in Reno as in any part of the country where the band is scheduled and Scorpions Reno is looking out to be an exhilarating event.

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Surely tickets for a concert as big as this has to be pricey but with cheap Scorpions Reno tickets from our website, fans need not worry about that either. The farewell tour is a must for all the fans of the band and rock lovers in general as this is going to be the greatest and most thrilling of the concerts they have ever performed. You will be missing out on a chance you won’t get again if you miss out on Scorpions Reno. The band came out in the 80s with a bang and did not fizzle away like so many other weak bands but found its place in the hearts of millions of people around the world and stayed for over four decades rocking their fans. So get yourself and your friends a few Scorpions Reno tickets for a live performance that will erase the memories of all the other concerts you have attended.