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Germany is mostly associated with pioneering high performance in the automotive industry with makes such as BMW and Mercedes as well as copious production through the Volkswagen model aka "The Beetle". However, the former master race obsessed nation has also spawned arthropods of a more musical variety. Latch onto some Scorpions Grand Prairie tickets now to be cracked open with some jagged rock tunes.

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Most male teenagers are mired in angst that is centered on how to land a girlfriend or have their parent increase their allowance and get their hands on some sick set of wheels as soon as possible. However, in 1965 Rudolf Schenker was carving out his own destiny whilst growing up in the city of Hildesheim in Germany.
Along with brothers Klaus and Micheal Meine as well as Wolfgang Dziony and Lothar Heimberg, Rudolf led the Scorpions to let fly the Lonesome Crow in 1972 and then after being Taken by Force in 1977, smashed through into charts all over with Lovedrive two years later. The Scorpions Grand Prairie performance will surely drive some hard vibes into your auditory senses.
The scorpions have clawed their way through more than two dozen international awards, including a pair of World Music Awards and even rocked the Kremlin in 1991 on an invitation by former Russian president Gorbachev. They are going to rock your socks off at the Scorpions Grand Prairie gig.
Pinch some cheap Scorpions Grand Prairie tickets now to have them "Rock You Like a Hurricane" with the "Wind of Change".