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Sarah Brightman tickets would allow you to see the live performance of a legendary artist. Hailing from Britain, Sarah Brightman was born on 14 August, 1960. She is a master of various fields and is an actress, dancer, classical crossover soprano and songwriter. Her performances are in different languages that include English, Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Occitan, Japanese, Russian and Mandarian Chinese. Starting her career as a dance group ‘Hot Gossip’ member, Brightman made her theater debut by being a part of the musical ‘Cats’ in 1981. During this West End Theatre musical, she was introduced to composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, whom she later ended up marrying. One of Brightman’s renowned Broadway musicals is ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ in which she starred as Christine Daae. The show’s original London Cast album came out in 1987 and became a huge hit by making over forty million global sales.

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About Sarah Brightman

After her divorce with Webber, she left the stage to resume her career as a musician and started working with the producer for Enigma, Frank Peterson. At this time, she was a classical crossover singer and soon became known as the pioneer of this unique genre. Today, her sales have exceeded 30 million and she has been established as the ‘best-selling soprano’ till date. Her duet ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ sung with Andrea Bocelli was quick to top European charts. In Germany, it stayed on the charts for more than three months, became the fastest selling song of that time and made a sale of more than three million records. It was also an international hit and sold twelve million CDs globally and the song was titled as a ‘best-selling single of all times’. Brightman’s awards for platinum and gold sales have now exceeded 180 in forty countries including Australia, United States, Japan, UK, Mexico, Germany, Canada and China. Career-wise, she shined like a star in 2010 and Billboard named her the fifth ‘most influential and best-selling classical artist of the 2000s decade in the U.S’. Nielsen SoundScan records show that has made over six million album sales in the States alone.
Brightman’s fame was never limited to small audience and in 1992, she was invited to sing at the Barcelona Olympic Games’ where she performed ‘Amigos Para Siempre’ with Jose Carreras in front of approximately one billion viewers. After sixteen years, she was present at the Beijing Olympics where she sang ‘You and Me’ with Liu Huan, this time in front of approximately four billion people. She also became Panasonic’s brand ambassador in 2010 and the company helped her launch the record ‘Shall be Done’ at the 2010 Winter Games in Canada. She is also the current ambassador for Panasonic’s partnership contract with UNESCO’s World Heritage Center. She starred in the two organizations’ joint effort, ‘The World Heritage Special’, which was globally broadcasted on National Geographic.
2012 saw her as the UNESCO ‘artist for peace’ for her ‘commitment to humanitarian and charitable causes’ and also for ‘her contribution, throughout her artistic career, to the promotion of cultural dialogue.’ The same year, she launched ‘The Brightman STEM Scholarship’ program whose aim is to help young American women complete their bachelor degrees. Brightman recently started her film career, appearing in Darren Lynn Bousman’s 2008 opera-musical movie ‘Repo! The Genetic Opera’. She also worked in Stephan Evan’s movie ‘First Night’ in which she has appeared with Richard E. Grant. Other than that, she has started her production company by the name of ‘Instinct Films’ and her first movie is currently being produced. Her fortune as a classical performer is around 49 million dollars, making her the planet’s richest female for classical performances.  
Brightman’s future plans include a unique goal of visiting space on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft and she is probably the only living celebrity to do so. In 2015, she will be having a 10-day stay at the International Space Station (ISS) and has already had her medical approval from Russia to start her planning and training. Overall, Sarah Brightman is an exceptional artist who strives for perfection in whichever field she chooses to adapt. Get cheap Sarah Brightman tickets to see this exceptional artist’s live performance - because it’s one show you really wouldn’t want to miss!

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