If you like R&B and Soft Rock, and want to enjoy it at its best by an artist that knows it to its soul, Sade Orlando event awaits you! British Nigerian singer and musician Sade Adu formed the band Sade in 1983. Sade Adu was previously associated with a Latin soul band ‘Pride’, where she used to sing backing vocals. She, along with Stuart Matthewman, Paul Spencer Denman and Paul Anthony Cook started their original productions with the name Sade that made its debut in 1982 at London. Andrew Hale replaced Cook in 1983 when the band went international and they performed in New York City at Danceteria Club. Main features of their music included soft rock, funk, soul, jazz and R&B.

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Their debut album Diamond Life was ranked among the top ten in UK in 1984, and had a platinum record in its sales. The band even won a Grammy Award soon after its debut for the Best New Artist in 1986. The band has already sold more than 50 million units worldwide and is gaining popularity more and more with the passage of time. The band is ranked at number 50 among the ‘VH1’s Greatest Artists of All Times’. Sade has released 6 studio albums so far, and 3 other albums. Sade Orlando tickets are likely to be sold like hot cakes as the event would be perceived as an opportunity to witness great music and a wonderful live performance. Music lovers should not miss this occasion that is surely going to be an evening to remember.

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