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If you’re a rock music fan, then it’s time to break out your air guitars and concert T-Shirts.  Rush is hitting the road on their R40 Live 40th Anniversary Tour and according to press, these concerts are not to be missed as they’ll likely by their last major tour of this magnitude! The band will be commemorating the 40 years since the drummer Neil Peart joined the lineup and the concerts are slated to be epic. Starting in May 2015, the tour will include set list spanning over four decades.

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The 40th Anniversary Tour will be visiting 34 cities across the US and Canada, with the opening performance taking place at Tulsa’s BOK Center. Rush Tulsa tickets are selling out fast, as the diehard fans don’t want to miss the concert.


Canadian power trio, Rush is among the highly regarded bands and has solidified their standing as great musicians through virtuoso performance skills. In their stellar career, the band has released 20 albums, along with 78 singles. Besides winning numerous awards, they have also been inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. In their upcoming concerts they will be rocking live their all-time hits like “New World Man”, “The Big Money”, “Show Don’t Tell”, “Dreamline” and “Headlong Flight”, among others. Rush’s phenomenal musical structures and incredible lyrics have earned them a respectable place in the industry. So as these legendary musicians bring their timeless hits to your city, make sure you’re there to give them a warm welcome.


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Q:Can I get a refund after already purchasing my Rush Tulsa concert tickets?

A:No, we cannot refund a purchase after you have already bought your Rush Tulsa Tickets. We strongly suggest you look at all the concert dates to determine which will be the most convenient one for you before making a final decision on buying your actual ticket.