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One of the most iconic and famous rock bands to come out from Canada is Rush. The band lineup consists of Geddy Lee who performs as the keyboard player, bassist and lead vocalist, Neal Peart who plays the drums and pens the lyrics of the songs and Alex Lifeson who is a guitarist and also provides backup vocals to the songs. Over they years, since first forming in 1968 in Torono, the band has had to change some of its members. Finally, after the departure of John Rutsey, who was the original drummer, in 1974, the band hired Neil Peart. It was to be the perfect lineup as the band left for its first official tour of the US after two weeks. There would be no looking back from then on, as Rush went on to conquer the world through its unique sound and lyrics.

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The band has experimented with its music, adapting and evolving with the changing landscape of the music industry. This is one of the major reasons to explain its unusually longevity in an age of one hit wonders. Although Rush initially started off with a sound that was similar to hard rock with a healthy dosage of blues, it gradually experimented with other genres such as progressive rock and using synthesizers. However, the underlying emphasis on guitar has not changed since 1989. After winning the award for ‘Album of the Year’ in the category of Progressive Music Awards with their most recent album ‘Clockwork Angels’ in 2012, the band has given the message loud and clear; they are in no mood of slowing down any time soon. Treat yourself to a night of amazing music; be sure to buy Rush Columbus tickets before they sell out. 


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A:Rush has one of the best drummers in the world, Neil Peart. His solos are usually the highlights of their concert. Visit Rush Columbus Tickets page on our website and search the index for a wide range of tickets that you can choose from. If the tickets are not available, simply leave your contact information with us and we will get in touch with you as soon as new tickets get available.