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Rush is a Canadian band which emerged during the early seventies. The three member rock band is known for its unique compositions and complex musical style. The most amazing thing about the band is that it still performs on stage with full passion and energy, even after spending more than four decades in the industry. Grab Rush Charlotte tickets and enjoy the incredible music live.

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Rush entered the music scene with the release of its debut album ‘Rush’ in 1974. The album received a Gold status and made it to the Top 100 albums on the Canadian Charts. The year 1976 brought into picture the breakthrough album ‘2112’ which became the first number 1 album and elevated Rush’s popularity among worldwide audience. Following the release of this album, the band came up with one hit after another. Overall, it has released twenty studio albums out of which fifteen have got a top five ranking on the Canadian Charts. Throughout the eighties and nineties, Rush remained the most famous and successful rock band and inspired many newcomers to adopt the profession of music.
Rush has received a dozens of awards over the years and has a star on the Canadian Walk of Fame. It has redefined the progressive rock and heavy metal music and is one of the few music groups to obtain such a prestigious image. It has released the latest studio album ‘Clockwork Angels’ in 2012, followed by extensive live performances such as Rush Charlotte concert. We have got cheap Rush Charlotte tickets for you on our website.