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Attending live concerts has always been exciting and means of great entertainment. Whether you wish to see your favorite artist coming to your town and performing live, or you desire to experience a live and exuberant performance, concerts like Roxette Glass Tiger are sure to guarantee you the fun that you are looking for. These great celebrities are the highlight of the show that will leave you with no regrets for spending your money on something that you did not like after you leave the venue. Fans are hard to keep from grasping tickets for the concerts when their favorite singers are performing live. Music lovers always keep a track of the artists that they like and when they come to their city, they don’t waste a single minute and rush to buy tickets at whatever prices they find. Get some cheap Roxette Glass Tiger tickets online and save your money. Coming to your city for a gig, these performers will nail the show.

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About Roxette Glass Tiger

Roxette, a Swedish pop-music duo that no one outside of Sweden knew if they existed, until “She’s got the looks” song was released from their album “Look Sharp”.  This song performed by Roxette became a super hit in the late 80s and also earned Roxette an international breakthrough. The song became number one in the US Singles chart and scored number seven on the UK singles chart earning the band worldwide fame. The story about Roxette becoming famous started when an American exchange student heard the song, “The Look” and brought the CD home for his holiday break. He gave the album to a radio station in Minneapolis. The song was played on radio and gained a positive feedback from the listeners. The track rapidly spread to other radio stations and became very popular.
One after the other, Roxette released their albums and almost all of them were big hits. Their never ending world tour, started on twenty eighth February 2011 in Kaza, Russia and is still on the go. After performing “Nothing on you” that became a hit in the German market, a full commercial release was received by Charm Schoolin South America. It is expected to have 130 concerts and is scheduled to take place till October 2012. Roxette won Grammy Awards in 1989, 1991, and 2002.  Talking about Roxette, let’s not forget the Glass Tiger.  Roxette Glass Tiger, both top level bands are coming to your city for a gig that will rock you. Glass Tiger originally named “Tokyo”, is a Canadian band formed in 1983. The group produced several hits such as, “Someday”, “When I’m gone”, and “Don’t forget me”. Winning three Juno Awards in 1986, and two more in 1987, Glass Tiger was nominated in 1987 for the Grammys as best new artist.
Marking twenty years of producing music together EMI music is releasing a retrospective DVD consisting of all the original 1980s and 90s hit videos along with two new songs and videos recorded for the purpose of DVD compilation. In 2011, Glass Tiger decided to continue playing live only on the selected dates when all the band members are available so to have their best performance. It makes them perform stronger than ever and the band becomes rocking and tight. Glass Tiger has no plans to discontinue touring anytime in the near or far future. One can bet on their upcoming gig to be simply amazing. If you have never experienced listening to the Glass Tiger live before, here is your chance to encounter and find out why, for three decades Glass Tiger has been one of the most enduring music bands in Canada.
Roxette Glass Tiger tour starting in Ottawa and ending in Vancouver is around the corner. Cheap Roxette Glass Tiger tickets are available along with seating plans and detailed schedule. So, grab your tickets now before it’s too late as you sure do want to watch them perform live and not want to regret later. Spend some pleasant moments with your friends, family, and loved ones as you don’t want to hear from others, what you missed out on.

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