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With his ravishing good looks and sensational voice, it is difficult for one to not notice the gorgeous and talented German music artist Roman Lob. As a budding musician, Roman Lob performed as the lead vocalist of an alternative rock band Rooftop Kingdom hailing from Neuwied and also co-founded the band Days of Despite which was amongst the few German Metalcore bands. He has also participated previously in German Idol’s fourth season Deutschland sucht den Superstar, but was unfortunately not able to continue even after qualifying as one of the top twenty contestants owing to a vocal cord infection.  Now an established recording artist, this young man rose to fame with his participation in the German TV show Unser Star für Baku as a contestant in January and February 2012. Produced by and aired on Pro7 and Das Erste, two prominent German broadcasting stations, the show provided a platform for this young star to be discovered. Grab your Roman Lob tickets today to catch this young musical sensation performing in full glory.

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About Roman Lob

Roman Lob has been inclined towards music since he was a child and started his passionate affair with music initially as a member of choir and also learned how to play the piano at an early age. He went on as a teenager to become part of several bands, acting as their drummer or performing as their lead vocalist. His first major attempt at stardom was when he participated as a contestant in the fourth season of the show "Germany seeks the superstar". Despite qualifying as one of the top twenty candidates, Roman Lob was forced to call it quits midway through the contest owing to him being diagnosed with acute laryngitis. He also participated in Eurovision Song Contest 2008 as a member of the Germany 12 Points band which was unfortunately not successful in reaching the national finals of the competition.
Being a determined artist not ready to give up, Roman Lob again made an attempt at making it big solely on the basis of his gifted talent and tried out for the show Unser Star für Baku aired at the beginning of the year 2012. With his hard work and determination finally paying off, Lob went on to be recognized as a talented musician as he won the popular show. With 2012 being a lucky year, the newly discovered star proceeded to represent Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 and remarkably bagged the eighth position in the highly competent contest. His thrilling final performance at the Euro Vision Song Contest won the hearts of the German audiences with his captivating voice singing the beautiful song "Still Standing" written by Jamie Cullum. The phenomenal song went on to become Roman Lob’s identity, declaring him to be the newly crowned rising superstar of Germany.
Having taken the music scene by storm, Roman Lob has worked on his highly anticipated debut album "Changes" which is bound to take the artist soaring up to greater heights of success. Recorded in the versatile voice of this rising star, “Changes” is much more than a musical compilation and also reflects the changes that have come about in the life of Roman Lob in his rapid climb to success. The album covers a diverse range of music and includes upbeat singles, laid back numbers as well as soft ballads. There is a blend of pop and rock in numbers like “Flying” and "Call Out The Sun" as well as a touch of soft soul music in ballads like "Alone". The album seems to cater to a diverse range of fans, covering numerous genres of music, and is bound to be a super hit.
According to Roman Lob, music is much more than a profession to him; it is his life. His passion for music is further pronounced by the vivid tattoo of a microphone hugging his chest which the artist got in order to proclaim his love for music. Not only does he want his fans to enjoy the wonders that he creates, he also wants to offer a unique experience which goes beyond just enjoying a few beats and involves adopting a much more deeper and thoughtful approach towards music. With such an enormous breakthrough in the music industry, this talented artist will surely go on to become one of the greatest names in the history of music. Get your Roman Lob tickets on time and get a chance to see this phenomenal musician perform for yourself!

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