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The German singer Roland Kaiser is here to lure you with his undying magic. This man is a master of music and has been entertaining the music lovers for quite a few decades now.  As a schlager singer-songwriter, he is one termed as one of the most successful German speaking singers of today.  When you will listen to his songs, it will truly be a feeling of pleasure altogether. He infuses his love for music into the songs he sings and fills the air of his concerts with great excitement. So get all jazzed up and buy your Roland Kaiser tickets as soon as you can.

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About Roland Kaiser

Born in Berlin in 1952, Kaiser’s real name was Ronald Kelier. Hewas brought up by his foster mother. In the 1960s he completed his schooling after which he did a few odd jobs. He had been working as a car sales executive when the hidden talents of a good voice were discovered by the producer Gerd Kampfe who  gave him an opportunity to work with the production company of Peter Wagner Caesar works. It was in 1974 that he released his first single, Was ist wohl aus ihr geworden?  by his new name in the music world, Kaiser. In 1976 he released his single Frei, das heißt allein which hit the West German top list at number 14. In 1980, he even participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in the West German trial.
The 1980s also saw the success of his song Santa Maria which topped all the music hits in West Germany for six consecutive weeks. This song is basically a German version of the Italian song that was originally sung by Oliver Onions. Roland Kaiser has been giving his live performances on his super hit songs and is famous for putting up amazing live shows ever. He has given some of the most amazing performances at Belgium and Netherlands during this period. Kaiser also appeared in a number of television and radio broadcasts and was part of a very popular television show then. During the 1990s period, Kaiser gave more hits but his music tendency drew away from the classic hits and moved towards pop music. The 90s also saw him giving more live performances and concerts. Amongst such concerts included annual concerts at Dresden Elbe.
During the 1995 to 2001 period, his super hit songs were also used as theme soundtrack for popular television series. In 2009, he gave an album that became the biggest hit topping the German album charts in 25 years for Kaiser.  In November 2009, Kaiser came up with his first Christmas album and continued with his concerts throughout the year. After a year of a short break from his concerts, he made a comeback with a tour in Rostock. He has also been raising donations for various cancer associations. In 2012, he also released an album recorded by the Bablesberg Film Orchestra. So with his incredible performance and amazing voice, this time Ronald Kaiser is surely going to present a record breaking show. So get going and buy your cheap Ronald Kaiser tickets now.

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