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The world of rock music has given us many legends and superstars. We have seen bands that have literally taken over the world with their music and images. The 'rock culture' makes it automatically cool to be a rocker and the British musician supreme Roger Waters is one of the people who made the rock culture as cool as it is today. If you are a rock fan and want to know what it feels like to see a legend live in concert, you have your wished fulfilled with Roger Waters.

About Roger Waters Tickets

If you keep thinking you've heard the name somewhere but can't quite recall it, don't worry, you have heard the name before. Roger Waters is a founding member of the legendary Pink Floyd and is responsible for some of their biggest hits and most memorable riffs. He started out with Pink Floyd in 1964 as their lead guitarist and composer. It wasn't until 1973 when lead singer Barret left the band that Waters took over complete control of the musical content of Pink Floyd albums and wrote all the lyrics. He has solo writing credits on five of Pink Floyds albums including classics like Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall.

It was with the 1983 rock classic The Final Cut that Waters got full credit. This album was written and composed by Waters alone and was also incidentally his last album with Pink Floyd. The album was a massive hit and was critically acclaimed with many magazines and critics calling it a classic rock album. This is when Waters decided to embark on a solo career that would take him to new levels of fame.

Roger Waters went on to release 9 very successful solo albums as a solo artist and win a number of awards for his masterful rock anthems. This includes induction to both the US and the UK Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and being listed on many polls and lists with Pink Floyd including best song, best albums and best band of all time. The music that Roger Waters makes is very familiar to any Pink Floyd fan. When you hear the uplifting guitar riffs and the moody drum solos, you know that the genius behind your favorite Pink Floyd songs is back at work and delivering some of the best in rock music time and time again. His conceptual lyrics really let the listener get into the song while his raspy, baritone voice make the lyrics sound even more heartfelt and original.

As a solo artist, Waters has found much more success as a live performer. His rock ballads/operas have been very successful all over the world. His first ever world tour lasted 3 years in the 1990's and his shows The Wall and The Dark Side of the Moon Tour were major successes, winning many awards for live shows. That is the reason there is always a massive demand for Waters to perform live and when he does, tickets are hard to get buy. If you want to be at his next show near you, get your Roger Waters Tickets and prepare to be rocked by the best!

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