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There is always a key member in the group who stirs the strings of the whole band. This is quite evident in the case of Roger Waters who was not only the founding member of Pink Floyd but also worked as the singer and songwriter. Primarily working as the bassist and co-vocalist, Roger Waters took the band to such immense heights that in 2010 the group estimated to have sold more than 200 million albums around the globe with almost 74.5 millions in United States alone. Waters’ also worked on his solo career thus proving his talents to the world at large. He released three albums as his solo effort titled

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Radio K.A.O.S, Amused to Death, and The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking. With an estimated attendance of 200,000 people Waters staged the largest rock concert, The Wall- Live in Berlin in 1990.
In 1996, to appreciate his talents, As the member of Pink Floyd, Waters was included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame of both the US and UK. In 2005, he released an opera Ca Ira, based on three acts with the libretto by his wife Nadine Delahaye focusing on the French Revolution. In 2010, the worldwide tour The Wall Live was planned by Waters that featured his ultimate performance of The Wall. Roger Waters is now displaying his talents in Paris with a vision to attract millions of souls towards the music. Get Roger Waters Paris Tickets now for an unforgettable time!