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Roger Hodgson is one of the most prominent names in the progressive rock genre of music and is known for his feat of co-founding the popular band Supertramp. With his talents ranging from singing to songwriting and composing, the musician is certainly one of the most exceptional artists of his time. With his well-toned distinct voice which became the identity of Supertramp, the artist is the genius behind great compositions like “Breakfast in America”, “Give a Little Bit” and “Dreamer”. Other famous hits by Roger Hodgson include “Take the Long Way Home”, “The Logical Song”, “It’s Raining Again”, “School” and “Fools Overture”, among others that have been loved by music fans worldwide. The upbeat music created by this iconic artist won the hearts of fans worldwide with its deep meaningful lyrics and Hodgson’s magical voice. His evergreen songs have not only earned him worldwide fame but have also maintained his status over the years as a well adored celebrity. Grab your Roger Hodgeson tickets today to witness this phenomenal artist win the crowd over with his amazing performance.

About Roger Hodgson Tickets

Supertramp attracted the interest of music fans with their initial albums “Supertramp” and “Crime of the Century” in 1970 and 1974 respectively. “Crime of the Century” featured the famous hit “Dreamer” which was the band’s first single to top the charts. The following nine years became the band’s “Golden Years” with one success after the other. Roger Hodgeson led Supertramp to greater heights of success with over sixty million records sold to date. He played a major role in establishing the band as a rock sensation worldwide with hits like “Breakfast in America” and “Crime of the Century” achieving Diamond status. The legendary album “Breakfast in America" topped charts worldwide and maintained its position for as long as a full year. It went on to become one of the highest selling albums of all times with more than twenty million records sold worldwide. The album brought home several awards which included ‘The British Academy of Composers and Songwriters’ Ivor Novello Award for the album’s hit single “The Logical Song”.
After splitting with the band in 1983, Roger Hodgson began working at his home studio and continued creating great music. He released his first solo album named “In the Eye of the Storm” in 1984 which instantaneously became an international success with over two million records sold. His second album “Hai, Hai” hit the market in 1987 but could not be promoted sufficiently due to Robert being in an unfortunate accident which took him more than a year to recover. 2000 saw the release of Hodgson’s “Open the Door” followed by a massive tour in 2001. The sensational musician won an award for his song “Give a Little Bit” being one of the most performed numbers in 2005. The same award followed in 2007 for his hit number “Breakfast in America” to confirm the artist’s popularity even after years.
Roger Hodgson released his first live album DVD in 2006 which covered one of his Canadian solo concerts and was titled “Take the Long Way Home – Live in Montreal”. The DVD immediately soared up to fame and was certified Platinum only in its very first seven weeks while topping Canadian charts. Roger has had the privilege to perform at Wembley Stadium upon being invited by Princes William and Harry to participate in a concert honoring their mother, the late Princess Diana. The talented singer was amongst the Princess’s favorites, especially for his songs "Give a Little Bit", “Dreamer”, “Breakfast in America” and “It’s Raining Again”. The concert witnessed one of Roger’s greatest performances with an audience of 65000 standing up and singing along. Roger continues to perform both as a solo artist and also tours with a backing band and even a symphony orchestra; so reserve your Roger Hodgson tickets to catch this phenomenal artist in concert in your very own city.

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