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The Mexican musical duo that is known for playing fast, rhythmic acoustic guitars is coming soon to Cuba Oakland. Rodrigo Sánchez and Gabriela Quintero are the pillars of the band who've made it possible for Rodrigo Y Gabriela to stand tall for the past twelve years. The duo specializes in Flamenco, Latin Rock, Acoustic and folk rock genres. They are referred to as one of the finest entertainers and are known for displaying a blend of many musical influences. Don't even think of missing the Rodrigo Y Gabriela Cuba Oakland concert. The duo started off performing live in pubs and bars of major countries and their unusual style has helped them garner a great deal of success and popularity lately. After releasing four albums, the duo has recently released a brand new album, Area 52.

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The new release shows a slightly different side of the band to the listeners. It has got a set of amazing songs such as 'Hanuman,' 'Master Maqui,' 'Santo Domingo' and 'Juan Loco.' The upcoming Rodrigo Y Gabriela Cuba Oakland show will be having all the greatest songs ever sung by the duo including the new ones. Rodrigo Y Gabriela has previously performed at various platforms and in a variety of countries such as Japan, UK, France and Ireland. If you wish to listen to a set of unique musical numbers by the duo then book your deals right away. Don’t delay and grab your Rodrigo Y Gabriela Cuba Oakland tickets before someone else make a claim on your share.