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The famous American musician Robert Gordon has been in the music industry for more than four decades. His music is classified primarily as rockabilly but his work broadens onto rock n roll, punk rock, country and alternative rock. The singer in his long career has not only given original tracks but has also successfully done covers of popular hits by other great artist. Known for both his songs and the covers of other popular songs the artist’s work aided by his powerful voice portrays deep emotion. Having a profound understanding of music, Gordon singing passionately makes a song his own even when he takes on hits by other singers. Keeping with the rock n roll spirit performances by the rock icon are a fun filled event. To experience the fun of the singers trademark performance get Robert Gordon tickets.

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About Robert Gordon

Robert Gordon growing up in Bethesda, Maryland made a decision to pursue a career in music at quite an early age.  He was greatly inspired by rock n roll artists like Billy Lee Riley, Gene Vincent, Carl Perkins, Eddie Cochran, Jack Scott and Elvis Presley. The talented artist breaking onto the music scene at the age of seventeen started his career in a band by the name of the Confidentials. Later moving to New York in 1970 the artist joined another band by the name Tuff Darts. The singer’s talent was soon discovered by the famous producer Richard Gottehrer who offered him a record deal. On the recommendation of the producer Gordon paired with the guitarist Link Wray to give amazing music. After the pair parted ways the singer came together with the guitarist Chris Spedding to further create waves in the music industry. Gordon has come to be a celebrated name in music industry and his live performances also come up to exceptions. Be a witness to the singers happening performance at a Robert Crown concert.
The artist has collaborated with great musicians like Marshall Crenshaw and Bruce Springsteen, who have written songs for him. Popular for his music and known for his booming voice which the singer effectively uses to set his songs apart, a performance by Gordon sure is enjoyable. Now there is a chance to see the famed singer perform live at the Robert Gordon concert.The singer still possessing the same voice and gaining in experience knows how to create a buzzing atmosphere for his vibrant concerts. The artist’s fame has seen him perform internationally at events across Europe. He has also performed at international shows coming together with other music legends under the name ‘The Gang They Couldn't Hang.’  He has toured with Bob Dylan, Slim Jim Phantom, Chris Spedding, Glen Matlock and Kiss playing to massive crowds of twenty thousand.
Interestingly while still in school the singer played the part of Tony in the West Side Story. The artist later on in his career tried his hand at acting appearing in the films like The Loveless and Unmade Beds. Recordings of the singers successful concerts have been released on DVD under the names The Reunion Tour and Rockin’ The Paradiso. The artist is also widely known for his versions of the famous songs by the likes of Marvin Gaye and Elvis Presley. To mark the thirtieth anniversary of Elvis, Gordon collaborated with the Jordanaires to record the album It’s Now Or Never. A true American rock n roll singer to the core he knows how to entertain his audience in an electrifying and thrilling way. Gaining in experience and maturing with age he has not lost his touch rather his performances seem to have gotten better.
His performances taking the audience into a journey to the fifties are intense and make up for a lot of fun. Get cheap Robert Gordon tickets to enjoy a performance by the singer who does not fail to entertain in his usual fun style. The swinging music and the powerful vocals are sure to make for a great music event. A Robert Gordon live performance event is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

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