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Richie Sambora is an American rock musician, best known as the lead guitarist of famous rock band, Bon Jovi. Born in Perth Amboy in New Jersey, he grew up and learnt how to play the guitar, debuting in the music industry in 1983. As a rock, hard rock and heavy metal artist, he is renowned as not only a musician but also as a songwriter, a singer and a producer. Aside from Bon Jovi, he also has a flourishing solo career, having released three albums already via record labels such as Mercury Nashville, Island Records and Mercury Records. Many order Richie Sambora tickets to see him perform with his Kramer RS Signature Model guitar live on stage.

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About Richie Sambora

Not only is Richie Sambora famous as the guitarist of Bon Jovi but also as one of the two main songwriters of the band, alongside Jon Bon Jovi. He was born to a factory foreman and a secretary, growing up in Woodbridge, New Jersey. He studied at the Woodbridge High School and started playing the guitar at the age of twelve. He was influenced mostly by rock n’ roll from the sixties and blues music from artists such as Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy Page, Johnny Winter, Joe Perry, George Harrison and Joe Kmiecik.
Richie Sambora grew up influenced by such legends as well as by Spanish classical music and the Spanish guitar style. Classical music would go on to inspire his own songs, some of which are originally written on piano. The first he joined was Message, in 1995, through which he released a record. He then joined Bon Jovi, replacing Dave Sabo, the original guitarist. He had approached Bon Jovi after hearing the band perform together, becoming friends with Jon Bon Jovi. He was soon called to a rehearsal and the band was so pleased with his music and how it fit into their style that they hired him immediately.
Richie Sambora joined Bon Jovi as the lead guitarist, often swapping lead vocalist roles with Jon Bon Jovi in a number of songs including “These Days” and “I’ll Be There for You”. He also sang on the live tours of the band, such as The Circle Tour. His first solo album was released in 1991, titled as Stranger in This Town. It was heavily influenced by blues music and featured a number of artists including Eric Clapton. Its songs also received a lot of radio airplay, as far as the UK where they were played on BBC Radio 1. He went on tour in support of the album, for which many cheap Richie Sambora tickets were sold.
In 1998, Richie Sambora’s second solo album was released, labeled as Undiscovered Soul. It led to a tour that spanned many countries including Europe, Australia and Japan with a touring band. The next year, he was featured on a Stuart Smith album. He also recorded a number of songs for several movies during the nineties including Fire Down Below, The Banger Sisters and The Adventures of Ford Fairlane. He played guitar on Pink’s 2001 album and in 2004, he released a self-titled album through Sanctuary Records.
His latest album was released in 2012. With Bon Jovi, he has recorded albums that have ranked first on the charts, spawned chart topping singles and sold millions of copies each. He is also the recipient of a number of awards, with and without Bon Jovi, making him one artist to order Richie Sambora tickets for this winter gladly.

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