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Reo Speedwagon and Pat Benatar Tickets Tickets

Reo Speedwagon is the famous band of the late 1960's which gained immense popularity in the 1970's by giving hits like Roll with the Changes and Ridin' the Storm Out. The American rock band peaked charts in the wake of the 70's and continued enjoying fame till the 80's. It is still considered a treat to be present at their concert and fans both, old and new flock from every nook and corner of the country to listen to one of America's most favorite rock band. Imagine what happens when this rock band is performing along with the legendary pop/rock pioneer we love and know as Pat Benatar? Buy your Reo Speedwagon and Pat Benatar Tickets today to witness this most amazing music act out there.

About Reo Speedwagon and Pat Benatar Tickets

Reo Speedwagon is that American rock band which is said to have a fairly successful career graph. Over the years the band is recorded to sell 40 million records while charting a flattering figure of 13 Top 40 hits. Diehard fans of Reo Speedwagon have remained loyal to the band over the years and have made sure to attend their concerts whenever the band is touring. The band tours regularly and teams up with other acts, playing at larger venues it enjoys great success at casinos. This American rock band took its name from a truck called the Reo Speed Wagon. Their most popular album is Hi Infidelity. The album won them a loyal fan base which can't seem to have enough of this super talented rock band, and make it to all their concert tours. Hi Infidelity sold more than 10 million copies. They gave four top 40 hits in the United States of America. Current members of the band include, Bruce Hall, Dave Amato, Bryan Hitt, Neal Doughty and Kevin Kronin.

Pat Benatar, is the four time Grammy Award winning singer known for her strong mezzo-soprano vocals combined with tough sexuality. She has delivered hit after hit and has won legions of fans over the years. This rock Diva has enjoyed great success especially in the United States. Born in January 1953, this truly gifted artist realized that she had a passion for singing. She began by learning opera and gradually shifted towards rock and roll. She got married to her High school boyfriend, Dennis Benatar at the age of nineteen. She debuted with her initial album in 1979. It seemed like her struggle had paid her off pretty well as the album was very much a commercial success. This legendry rock star belonging to Brooklyn has enjoyed world class fame inspiring many new, younger female artists to climb the ladder of fame just the way she did. Born as Patricia Andrzejewski she has the charm and the charisma to attract millions of fans while touring for concerts. It seems like she has it all, the looks, the voice quality and the bewitching charm to enchant her audiences every time she makes a stage appearance. Her fantastic career graph includes hits like, "Hit Me with Your Best Shot", "Hell is for Children" and "Love is a Battle Field." Benatar has released more than a dozen chart bursting albums. She has two RIAA-certified Multi-Platinum albums, five platinum albums and three gold status albums. In addition to all this having 19 top 40 singles is definitely considered a well rounded career by all standards.

The similarity among Pat Benatar and Reo Speedwagon is that both of them have a history of successful hits and undying love rock music. They believe in entertaining their audiences to the maximum. Get ready for all the fun and excitement is about to begin, as these fantabulous performers will be sharing the same stage in their upcoming concert tour. You know what you have to do. Just grab your Reo Speedwagon and Pat Benatar Tickets today and guarantee yourself loads of fun!