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Reefer Madness is an award winning musical based on the narration of Kevin Murphy. It is a satirical political comedy and a highly stylized show that is being appreciated since late nineties. Since the show contains religious parody, adult humor and explicitness about drug use, it limits its audience to adults only. Reefer Madness is making a comeback after its successful production in Canada. To attend, book your Reefer Madness tickets now.

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About Reefer Madness!

Reefer Madness is based on the old instructional movie warning about the dangers of marijuana. The story of the musical begins by introducing a lecturer informing the students about the menace of the drug and narrates the story of two young high school students Jimmy Harper and Mary Lane.  As it goes for most teenagers, Harper gets into the influence of bad company and is pushed into a marijuana den by Jack. Reluctant in the beginning, he ultimately accepts the cigarette and after a single puff, is high on the drug. As the story proceeds, Jimmy’s descent into the doper’s den is further deepened and along with his drug partners, he is found doing the most evil acts. During this time, his family and friends are constantly ignored that comes down to a major twist in the story. Tom Jones shows interest in Mary Lane and finds this to be a golden opportunity to hit on her. Jimmy takes a little long in realizing the error of his ways that results in a disastrous event that gives him a lesson for life. The story has satirical humor that is appreciated throughout the show along with dance numbers that fully contribute in making it a full package of entertainment. The story is a visual representation of how low a human being can act with the effect of this drug. This is a tale that portrays the reality that teenage is the time of life, that is most challenging not only for parents but also for children. The lessons learnt during this time often get through the harder way but are then remembered forever.
Reefer Madness is known to be one of the most ambitious productions staged in the entertainment industry. A big cast of 15 young people triumphantly delivers the plot with their outstanding acting skills and makes the show memorable for the audiences. The chorus brings in a lot of action in the play with countless costume changes that is does not only display the cast’s energy but also adds color to the play. There is a long list of songs in the musical that have been appreciated in the past productions and includes We know Best, The Monkey Song, Dead Old Man and The Trial. The show has been staged in a number of countries and enjoys a global fan following.
The brand new production of Reefer Madness is being staged at The Country Theatre this year. The venue has a history of conducting notable events that includes shows such as Kiss Me, Kate, Out of this World, A Mid Summer Night’s Dream, Follow the Girls and many others. This year, the musical is anticipated to be another event that would extend this list further. The theatre’s state-of-the-art equipment is another major attraction that is known to add life to all the shows being conducted here. Reefer Madness is a musical that is a perfect combination of comedy, drama, romance and teenage adventures that keeps the audiences on the edge of their seats. Reefer Madness tickets are a popular purchase near the date of the event especially among the teenage audience. Since the young audience has a lot in this story to relate to, the ticket sales are expected to be highest among them. To add to the awesome entertainment package, the tickets are being offered on discounted rates. So avail the deal and place the order as early as possible.

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