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Rebelution are an epitome of a reggae band; they are one of the current sensations. Since their genre is reggae, fans know what to expect of them and Rebelution seem to live up to their admirers’ demands. Their first album went smooth and paved way for the group in the mainstream music for that provided them with the necessary breakthrough.

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About Rebelution Spokane Tickets

Rebelution have released two albums ever since they peeped into the world of music in 2004. Not only were they a massive hit, the boys have been able to grab a wider audience as well. Their journey is long and although they have not been able to bag any major awards as yet, they have been nominated for the Editor’s Choice for Best Reggae Album of 2007. They have all the makings of a successful reggae band as is evident from their popularity; they are amongst a few bands with the highest number of video and song downloading from internet.

It would be highly unjustified to rate the band as average because their lyrics are socially-awakening, their melodies charming and their stage presence is powerful which is the reason why their fan base has risen quickly in the past year.  If you have been a part of any of their concerts, you would be square with the fact that the band develops a bond with the audience; audience becomes a part of the band. If you have not yet attended any Rebelution concert, then buy Rebelution Spokane Tickets to know what we are talking about.