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On June 18th 1973, a single mother in New Hampshire had her sixth child. To provide for her family, she moved around, taking up odd jobs and temporary work. As a result, Raymond Charles Jack LaMontagne, more popularly referred to as Ray LaMontagne, grew up constantly moving around and being displaced from time to time. Moving around so often meant that LaMontagne was the ultimate oddball in school. The eternal new-comer, he found solace in spending time alone. After high school, LaMontagne found work in a shoe factory, which incidentally was also the place where he found the inspiration to become a musician. Listening to various artists on the radio, Ray LaMontagne found his ultimate calling while listening to Manassas by Stephen Stills. His epiphany gave him the courage to quit his job at the factory and pursue a career in music. Ten years since his first debut, LaMontagne has built a solid career and enjoys massive appreciation from his fans and his critics. Numerous nominations have left LaMontagne with three Boston Music Awards, one Esky Music Award, one XM Nation Award and one Grammy.

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As an American musician who made his debut in 2004, LaMontagne has, over the last decade, gradually risen to fame and gathered massive critical acclaim for his work. Numerous awards and nominations, a strikingly loyal fan following and a discography that is full of hits, Ray LaMontagne has succeeded in giving folk music a place in mainstream music.


In 1999, Ray LaMontagne started performing for various audiences while simultaneously working on a collection of his songs for a demo. Dissemination of the album among different people and labels led to him being hired as an opening act for other artists on tour. He continued polishing his skills as a performer and a singer, and in 2004, he caught his big break. Chrysalis Music Publishing expedited the release of his first album as they recorded and sold the music to RCA Records. From there on, Ray LaMontagne has cemented his place in the music industry as one of the most incredibly talented and gifted artists of his genre.


To date, Ray LaMontagne has recorded four studio albums, with a fifth scheduled for release this year. His first album, Trouble, was widely successful and gave him a lot of mainstream coverage; many songs off the album were featured on soundtracks of movies and TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and The Devil Wears Prada. “Trouble”, “Jolene”, and “Hold You in My Arms”, among other tracks caught the attention of critics who praised him for his music sensibilities and his lyrics and compositions. His sophomore album lived up to the expectations set by the first album. Till The Sun Turns Black, released in 2006, became LaMontagne’s first commercial success while still being a hit with the critics. Becoming a chart topper in both the UK and the US, the album established LaMontagne as an internationally loved singer. The 2008 release, A Gossip in the Grain and the 2010 release God Willin’ & The Creek Don’t Rise further preserved LaMontagne’s standing as one of the most able folk and indie artists on the scene. Both albums gave LaMontagne a line of hit singles including A Falling Through, Are We Really Through, and Beg Steal or Borrow.


Heart wrenching, soul crushing and yet excessively addictive, Ray LaMontagne’s discography covers an exhaustive range of emotions and a full spectrum of the human condition. He sings of love, of loss, of desire, of triumph and of acceptance. With a voice that’s packed with an earnest and soulful grace, LaMontagne has fast gathered a cult following that has stayed loyal to him since his debut in 2004. His musical style is classified as folk rock and LaMontagne often ventures into indie and soul to experiment with his songs. However, he remains true to his sound as his music is a collection of honest lyrics and soothing melodies brought to life by his voice.


His fifth album, Supernova, is all set for its release this year. In support of his album and in celebration of his career, LaMontagne will spend the summer on the road, giving a string of concerts across the country. Fans can now purchase their Ray LaMontagne tickets to watch this artist extraordinaire perform his music. Get your cheap Ray LaMontagne tickets now.