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Ray Davies is an English rock artist from Fortis Green within the capital of the UK, London. Famous for his work in the world of rock music, he has been active since 1963 and has established himself as a living legend today, a must see live via Ray Davies tickets. His music is rock and it ranges from lighter pop influenced sounds to the heavier riffs of hard rock. He is a vocalist as well as a player of the guitar, keyboards, piano and even harmonica. He is also a spectacular songwriter and is best known as the frontman of The Kinks. He also has an amazing solo career and has released albums through many record labels.

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Ray Davies

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
San Francisco Symphony: Juraj Valcuha & Ray Chen - Brahms' Violin Concerto Davies Symphony Hall San Francisco Thursday
5/3/2018 8:00 PM
San Francisco Symphony: Juraj Valcuha & Ray Chen - Brahms' Violin Concerto Davies Symphony Hall San Francisco Friday
5/4/2018 8:00 PM
San Francisco Symphony: Juraj Valcuha & Ray Chen - Brahms' Violin Concerto Davies Symphony Hall San Francisco Saturday
5/5/2018 8:00 PM

About Ray Davies

Ray Davies, frontman and songwriter of The Kinks as well as one of its founders, is also an actor, a director and a producer of productions on TV and theatre, such as musicals. He was born as one of eight children to Annie and Fred Davies and went on to study at the William Grimshaw Secondary Modern School. Following this, he went on to study art at the famous Hornsey College of Art. It was here that The Kinks were founded as a performing band during 1962 to 1963. In just a year, the band had gotten hold of a recording contract and Ray Davies was, by then, the leader of the band, its lead vocalist and its chief songwriter. In 1964, The Kinks released their first song titled as You Really Got Me which was a phenomenal success and piloted the band to new heights of fame and stardom.
From 1966 onwards to 1975, Ray Davies experimented with music as a part of The Kinks, resulting in massive commercial and critical success. From 1976 onwards, they returned to a more mainstream sound and thus began yet another wave of massive success in not only the UK but also the US. During this era, songs such as Destroyed, Do It Again and Come Dancing emerged. In 1996, The Kinks broke up and thus began the solo career of Ray Davies. His first album was titled as Return to Waterloo and was released in 1985 while the band was still active. It was followed by a 1998 album titled as The Storyteller and three more album, with the latest in 2009 and titled as The Kinks Choral Collection, resulting in a total of five spectacular solo albums. His albums have also ranked in the UK Top 40. One of his albums has also had one and a half million copies distributed in the UK.  
When it comes to live performances, there are few who can match the energy and electricity of Ray Davies live. He has performed as part of the Electric Proms series by the BBC. While on tour, live, many fans of The Kinks and fans of rock music come to see him live via cheap Ray Davies tickets. He usually performs with guitarist Pete Mathison and at times a band made up of drummer Toby Baron, bassists Dick Nolan, keyboardist Gunnar Frick, keyboardist Ian Gibbons, guitarist Mark Johns, guitarist Scott Donaldson, guitarist Milton McDonald, guitarist Bill Shanley and drummer Damon Wilson.
Ray Davies is also an author. His first book, an autobiography titled as X-Ray, was published in 1994. Three years later, just before the release of his second solo studio album, he published Waterloo Sunset, a collection of short stories and which he labeled a concept album set on paper.
Not only has Ray Davies been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but also performed live at the 25th Anniversay Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Concert alongside Metallica in a performance many saw through Ray Davies tickets.

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