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Where we ordinary denizens of the modern world are reduced to have our lives illuminated with feeble glow of shackled energy, the esoteric illuminati are hogging the limelight in the time of the world's twilight. Herding us akin to resource and labor producing cattle incentivized by worthless fiat currency, the illuminati are busy building their global empire. Grab hold of some cheap Pretty Lights Columbia tickets to seek out some eclectic escape from the harrowing humdrum of existence. Better known by his popular moniker of Pretty Lights, Colorado based music producer Derek Vincent Smith drew his inspiration from Pink Floyd's psychedelic repertoire and fused it with the nouveau electronic music vibes rising forth in the new millennium to craft his own sound.

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Teaming up Cory Eberhard, Derek Smith aka Pretty Lights has symphonically shined upon several music festivals throughout the nineties, Camp Bisco, Ultra Music Festival in Miami and the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival to name a few. The Pretty Lights Columbia event is sure to be one viscerally vibrant one.
Pretty Light draws his inspiration from a wide range of genres, going from jazz, soul and funk to hip hop, trip hop and dubstep. He came to prominence with his debut album Taking Up Your Precious Time in 2006 that he brought forth right after dropping out from the University of Colorado at Boulder and since January 2011 has been releasing his work through his own label, Pretty Lights Music. Latch on to some Pretty Lights Columbia tickets to capture his ethereal effluences and twinkling tunes.