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Looking for a great time out with friends or want to ease some stress? Philippe Bond tickets take you on a joy ride that will give you a rejuvenating experience. They present a wonderful opportunity to watch one of the most loved Canadian comedian and radio celebrity of today, so don’t miss out on them. Philippe Bond is a Quebec based comedian, who has become a big name in the world of entertainment. He has become a household name for his morning show C’T”Encore Drole. The exciting game show, The Price is Right in Montreal is also an effort by him. He is the host of hot favorite shows, such as the Chez Maurice Saint-Lazare, the Old Sainte-Martine and the Box-office in Drummondville.

About Philippe Bond

Bond is an artist, who has redefined humor in Quebec. Generally, Quebec humor is associated with funny looking guys giving a heavy dose of physical comedy or storytellers cracking jokes. Bond is also a storyteller, but of a different kind. He ranks high in this art category and is popular for his non-stop mindboggling anecdotes which surprise, engage and entertain everyone listening to them. He tells every anecdote with such subtleness that it is hardly offensive. Phillipe realized his potential to make people laugh at a very early age. He was supported and encouraged by friends, family and his audiences. It made him decide to go for formal training in comedy. He pursued it at the National School of humor. He graduated from there in 2002. Once out of school, he ventured into mainstream comedy with his first show on radio, titled, Radio Energy Hull.

While making his presence felt on the airwaves, Phillipe Bond explored other options as well. He decided to become active in the live humor scene of Quebec. He began by making appearances in humor festivals; he acted in the Grand rire de Québec, the Fou rire de Sherbrooke, the Montreal High Lights Festival and the Just for Laughs Festival. Between 2007 and 2009, he was seen performing side acts on shows of artists like Lise Dion, Rachid Badouri and Normand Brathwaite. He was also invited to many corporate events, where he became fairly popular and was invited to perform on great public demand.

Bond got a major breakthrough in mainstream comedy, when Louis-José Houde asked him to perform in the Suivre la parade. He was given the first half of the show. His outstanding performance made such a mark that it landed him with his first one-man show. The show began in 2010 and became an instant hit. Bond shared his childhood life and family stories with his audiences. The show offered fun time and laughter to the fans. Philippe Bond is a stage star, who does not restrict himself to National Television and Radio. He makes appearances all over Quebec. Bond never fails to run out of stories and continues entertaining every one with accounts of some of the most hilarious situations he faced. His spontaneous delivery and comic stories has always entertained his audiences. Even the critics get carried away with his energetic presence and amusing stories.

He is loved and appreciated wherever he performs and get standing ovations most of the times. His lively shows manage to leave the audiences in good spirits. Bond’s humor captures the attention of everyone as they can relate to it. Phillipe Bond has been awarded for his talent and contribution to humor in Quebec. He is the winner of the 14th Gala les Olivier’s Trophy held in 2012. The success of this star was celebrated with the Oliver of the Year Award. He also got the Platinum ticket for completing 100, 000 tickets of his one man-show.

Bond actively gives live performances at different festivals and comedy shows around Quebec. The comedian returns this season with his charismatic, happy-go-lucky style and hilarious storytelling. Get ready to experience him live at the most anticipated show this summer with Phillipe Bond tickets. These tickets are likely to sell out in no time, so better make your reservations in advance. Cheap Phillipe Bond tickets are also available. They offer great prices, deals and bargains. Find the best seating options and book your tickets fast!