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Some people are blessed with such an immense talent and qualities, that they can do wonders with their performance. Singers like Paul Simon are born once in a million, and have the potential to grasp your imaginations with their stunning voice!

About Paul Simon Tickets

Paul Frederic Simon who is known as Paul Simon was born on 13th October, 1941 in Newark, New Jersey. He is an American based songwriter- singer and also a guitarist. His love for music can be traced back to the very early years of his life. His father, Louis Simon, was a musician who played the bass very professionally. His mother Belle though was an elementary school teacher but at the same time was a trained musician, who taught music to those who needed to learn it, in her free time. His father was considered to be the very first violinist on the radio station. They moved to the United States in the year 1930.
Simons started learning music when he was only eleven years old. He met Art Garfunkel at Forest Hills High School and performed together in Alice in Wonderland and after two years they started singing together as well. Their performances started from the school dances and were greatly influenced by the Everly Brothers. As he matured he started experimenting with different types of music  which include jazz, folk and blues. His father wrote a song The Girl for Me for him and Garfunkel when he was thirteen years old. This song is now a part of the Library of Congress as the first song sung by this young couple. In the year 1957 they signed a contract with Big Records and recorded Hey, Schoolgirl which secured forty ninth position on the pop charts that season.
Paul Simon started working professionally as a musician between 1957 and 1964 and recorded singles like That's My Story and Our Song. He made a band called Tico and the Triumphs, with his friends and acquaintances that enjoyed minor successes. Their song Motorcycle became noticeable in the year 1962 and earned ninety seventh position on the Billboard charts. Marty Cooper was known as Tico and Bobby Susser who was basically a record producer, children's songwriter and also a childhood friend of Simon’s assisted Simon in releasing and producing the singles.
Paul Simon moved to England in the year 1965 and it was then that he recorded his solo LP The Paul Simon Songbook. Throughout his stay in England he had the opportunity to work with some extremely talented people like Bruce Woodley who was also a member of an Australian pop band called The Seekers. They together composed songs like Red Rubber Ball, I Wish You Could Be Here and Cloudy. In 1964 Garfunkel and Simon signed a contract with Columbia Records. In the same year they released their first LP entitled Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. which comprised of twelve songs. The Sounds of Silence was a song from the album that gained popularity among the general public and won first position on the pop charts in America. The kind of talent Paul Simon possessed could not go unnoticed and this can be proved by the amount of prestigious awards this duo had won. In the year 2003 they both won the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. In the very next year i.e. 2004 Simon appeared in a concert at the Colosseum in Rome in which 600,000 gathered to witness such a spectacular performance.
For all the people who love music, Paul Simon Tickets present a rare opportunity to experience music at its best! Take advantage of this and make your evening memorable!