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If you are a fan of jazz music, then you are lucky because this is a fantastic opportunity to witness one of the most famous jazz musicians, Pat Metheny live on stage. Watch him play as well as the Pat Metheny Unity Group perform some of his best tunes live at one of his several stage shows that are a part of his latest tour. Travelling all across the nation to bring his music to the fans, Pat Metheny is without a doubt one of the best jazz musicians of today. Listening to music on your iPod is one thing, but getting to hear it live right in front of you is a whole different experience. You will want to see the amazing skills of the American jazz sensation, Pat Metheny in person to understand why fans around the world are so eager to see his live show. So be sure to get your Pat Metheny Unity Group tickets now and enjoy.

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About Pat Metheny Unity Group

Born on the 12th of August back in te year 1954, Patrick Bruce “Pat”Metheny is the world famous jazz guitarist and composer from the United States. One of the best jazz artists in the music industry, Pat is also the brother of another jazz icon, journalist and flugelhornist Mike Metheny. Born and raised in the Lee’s Summit in Missouri, Pat Metheny already knew that he was destined to be a musician. With great interest in jazz and already showcasing his talents at a very early age of 15, Pat Metheny was able to win a scholarship to a jazz camp.  He made his 1st ever entry into the music business as a session player, but it was not very long that people began to notice Pat Metheny’s talent and potential. His promising career in the music industry began to take shape as he soon moved onto the bigger and better performances in the world of jazz music.

 After managing to become a part of a larger jazz band, it did not take very long for Pat Metheny to release his own debut album. The debut was a success as it led to Pat Metheny recording a 2ndalbum, establishing his presence in the music industry. Soon after, Pat Metheny was able to the form his own jazz band which came to be known as the Pat Metheny Group. Pat Metheny has continued to release fantastic albums that have earned him critical acclaim. Hurry up and get the Pat Metheny Unity Group tickets before they sell out.

With 3 albums receiving gold status and the 20 Grammy Awards already won by him, Pat Metheny is simply a jazz legend. However, that does not mean that he only performs basic jazz music. He has over the years incorporated elements of contemporary, progressive, Latin jazz, post-bop as well as jazz fusion. Blending each one of these genres of jazz in his music, Pat Metheny has created some beautiful and unique tunes that make his music stand out.

While the other musicians have only been able to reach the top of the charts through one or two singles or an album, Pat Metheny has been winning praises as well as awards for most of his music. Metheny has worked hard in the music industry as he is also been involved in several projects including duets. Winning awards such as the Best New Age Album or even the Best Jazz since the ‘80s, Pat Metheny is truly an incredible performer; so hurry up and grab your Pat Metheny Unity Group tickets now.


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