Panic At the Disco Walk The Moon Tickets

For all the pop-punk and indie music fans, there is an upcoming double delight in the form of a live concert by two of the most sought after acts in modern day music world. The rock band from Nevada, Panic! at the Disco and the indie band from Cincinnati, Walk the Moon are now scheduled to appear in your city for a scintillating live performance. This is your chance to become part of a concert that will bring you on your feet with its energy. The tickets for their forthcoming concert are selling out very fast. Hurry to buy your Panic at the Disco and Walk the Moon tickets if you do not want to miss this fun filled music extravaganza.

Buy Panic At the Disco Walk The Moon Tickets

About Panic At the Disco Walk The Moon


The first half of this entertaining concert is the Grammy nominated ‘Panic at the Disco’. This pop-punk rock band was formed in 2004. The founding members of the band were barely in high school when they recorded their first demo. Shortly after that, they also released their debut album, titled “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out”. Their album rose to the charts with the same fiery pace with which the ensemble had risen on the music scene. With its top ten single, I Write Sins Not Tragedies, the album went on to be certified double platinum.


The band’s music is influenced by several legendary rock music acts including The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Zombies. Their second album, titled “Pretty. Odd”, though much different from their debut record, was also reflective of this influence. This album was preceded by another hit single Nine in the Afternoon. By the time the ensemble released its third super hit album, the group had shortened down to a duo and then again to a quartet. This third release “Vices & Virtues” brought back the original music genre of the group and dominated the charts once again with its pop-punk sounds. The fourth and so far the latest release by the Panic at the Disco is “Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die”, which was released in 2013. Currently the band is a trio of delightfully talented musicians, Spencer Smith, Brendon Urie and Dallon Weekes. This incredible group is now coming to rock your city. Get your tickets at the earliest and prepare to become part of their energetic live performance.


The other half is another equally beloved ensemble, ‘Walk the Moon’. The remarkable quartet is renowned for their spiritedness and quirky indie dance music. Formed in the late 2000s, the band released their debut album independently in 2010. Titled as “I Want! I Want!” the album received huge airplay. This kick started the career for this soon-to-be-a-sensation rock band. One year later, the ensemble got signed to a record label and released their official self-titled debut album in 2012. Many tracks from their independently released album were also made part of this record. Now you have a chance to watch this fearless group of performers live on stage.


Another thing which makes the group so amazing is the songwriting. The lyrics of the group’s songs are tailored to reflect the vigor that the band members display on stage in their live performances. These art-rock lyrics when coupled with their vibrant performances, renders it impossible for the audiences to not get affected by the energy in their music. Their signature style of using swirly pop beats and catchy guitar riffs along with sing-along choruses makes their songs thoroughly entertaining. Hence, despite the popularity of their records and albums, the live concerts by this group is always a delight to attend.


Now these two music ensembles are coming together with a remarkable repertoire of songs for a live concert. It is hardly surprising to see music fans buying Panic at the Disco & Walk the Moon tickets in such big numbers. If you also wish to become part of an energetic crowd singing and dancing to the music beats by these groups, then rush to get your tickets before they are all sold out.


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