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Of all the music genres, country music has gained enormous significance and various subgenres of this music category have come into existence. One subgenre of country music is Alternative Country. For alternative country music aficionados, Old 97’s is not a new name. Known for being the pioneers of alt-country music in America, the Old 97’s surfaced the music industry in 1933. Alternative country music is appreciably different than the conventional country music and has influences from punk, honky-tonk and folk rock. Old 97’s with their innovative approach have produced a total of nine albums till now along with one live album and two extended plays. Composed of epic numbers like"A State of Texas" , “The Dance Class" , “The Beauty Marks” and “Every Night is Friday Night (Without You)" , their recent album is The Grand Theatre, Volume One. The album was released in 2010 and received great response from all over the US. Given the historical background to their albums, their debut album was Hitchhike to Rhome that was released in 1994. The album achieved overwhelming response from all over the US and from there on the band went on to compose more impressive musical scores.

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The Old 97's have been labeled as a splendid live band, even though they state that they never practice their performance before the final show. Rhett Miller, the lead vocalist of the band is an artistic individual with great versatility. He has recorded several solo albums, many of which were largely esteemed by the music buffs. The other band members include Murry Hammond – as the bass guitarist and vocalist, Philp Peeples as the drummer and Ken Bethea as the lead guitarist. Along with other alt-country bands like The Bottle Rockets, Whiskeytown, Uncle Tupelo and Drive-By Truckers, this legendary band remained largely in the limelight and is still venerated for its live stage performances. Although the group disbanded for a significant period of time, they reunited later and continued giving live performances and producing more albums. With great exuberance and keyed up spirits the band members remained highly popular in the US. They reveal great enthusiasm and warmth towards their fans when performing. For promotion of all their albums they have toured the US in the past well.
They have staged their magnificent performances time and again in different venues; the consistency in their performances is highly entrenched and for the live performances they ensure that masses of crowds are attracted to the theatre. Their songs are also available online and can be downloaded easily. Old 97s has always focused on creating something spectacular and ground-breaking for their fans. Rhett Miller has been substantially vibrant and of great value to the group ever since their dawn. The Old 97's were featured notably in a film, The Break Up for a concert scene as well. The band is known for being influenced by all time epic artists and bands like The Beatles, Johnny Cash, The Byrds and Hank Williams. Their sparkling music has served as a major basis for the alt-country creations of the Old 97s. The Old 97s’ members got highly scattered for a particular period of time, and got occupied with their own lives. However, their rejoinder with Blame it On Gravity , proved to be highly beneficial for them and the music industry as well. Old 97’s cadenced tunes and award winning lyrics together are a great musical deal for those who value the avant-garde and ingenious music. Many of their works are still undervalued; however, their stage performances are not worth missing out on. The first live album of the Old 97’s is Alive & Wired that was formally released in 2005, it comprised of several brilliant sound tracks like "King of All the World", “Barrier Reef" , "Lonely Holiday" and "The Villain". So, the congenial news for all those who crave meaningful music is that soon Old 97’s will be staging their next live performance soon .With their old and new numbers they are geared up to thrill your senses once more . No one can afford to miss out this incredible opportunity. The tickets for this show are selling off quick, so don’t delay further and get your Old 97s tickets now!