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Odesza’s debut album “Summer’s Gone” did extremely well – two songs from this album, “iPlayYouListen” and “How Did I Get Here”, peaked at number one on the Hype Machine’s Popular Chart. The following year they released their EP, “My Friends Never Die,” and scored three number one singles on Hype Machine. Odesza launched its third album in the fall of 2014. “In Return” debuted at number thirteen on the Billboard’s Electronic Chart, stayed in the Top Ten for thirteen weeks and reached number one on iTunes’ Electronic Chart.

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Their breakout single, “Say My Name (ft. Zyra),” also enjoyed enormous success. It reached number one on the Hype Machine Popular Chart twice, number one on the Spotify US Viral Chart and number two on the Spotify Global Chart. In addition the song was named iTunes Single of the Week in many countries across the globe and is currently the most played track on 8Tracks. Although the duo is most popular for its original tracks, Odesza also has a knack for remixing songs. Odesza’s remixed versions of Pretty Lights’ “One Day They’ll Know” and “Lost and Found” became instant hits. “One Day They’ll Know” soared to number eight on the iTunes’ Electronic Chart and “Lost and Found” featured on the Divergent movie soundtrack. Ever since then Odesza has been commissioned to make remixes for Sia, Charli XCX and many other artists.

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Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight are always constantly experimenting with ways to create innovative music. This year at Coachella, the duo invited the University of Southern California drum line to open their set. After receiving positive reviews from fans and critics, Odesza’s regular act now feature live instruments and singers. According to Mills, “It definitely changes the vibe. We’ve been going for a more energetic, dramatic feel to our sets, and these elements definitely help that. We want to continue doing something like this, up to the point we have a full orchestra up there. The sky’s the limit.” There’s no predicting what the two musicians will incorporate next into their live performances!

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When Mills and Clayton started off they were just two college graduates but now they have the world at their feet. They’ve definitely come a long way since 2012. Earlier this year, Odesza was touring Germany and Montenegro. They also performed at the Coachella, Governor’s Ball and Bonnaroo music festivals. After a short break, the group is re-energized and ready for its world tour this fall. Having performed at sold out shows across North America on numerous occasions, this is your chance to see Odesza live in action. Purchase Odesza tickets to enjoy a great night of EDM!