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The death of the iconic Kurt Cobain brought a decline to the angst ridden sound of grunge & punk rock in the 90s, clearing the horizon for a more commercial, easy-sounding brand of post grunge in the mid-90s. Enter bands like Foo Fighters & Creed, whose rock wasn't infused with dark brooding themes of violence ala Nirvana, & thus commercial success followed with a bigger audience. However, none of them have endured quite like the ageless Canadian act Nickelback over the years. Nickelback consists of lead vocalist Chad Kroeger, bassist Mike Kroeger, guitarist Ryan Peake & former 3 Doors Down drummer, Patrick Adair. Nickelback's brand of distorting guitars & power-packed vocals has seen fans flocking for Cheap Nickelback tickets worldwide. The band has cultivated a massive international following, becoming the 11th best-selling music act of the decade, & the 2nd largest selling foreign act in the US, being eclipsed only by the legendary Beatles.

About Nickelback

Chad Kroeger was the fulcrum around which Nickelback developed. Born in Hanna, Alberta, Kroeger fronted for many local bands in their covers of various hits. The appetite for a bigger market & some original material was there, & his bassist sibling Mike joined him when he moved to Vancouver on borrowed money from his stepfather. Ryan Vikedal, an Alberta drummer, joined through common friend Ryan Peakes, who also chipped in with guitars, making Nickelback's first lineup. Mike's job at Starbucks & his oft-used quote when giving customers their change (giving them their "nickel back") proved the inspiration behind the name. Nickelback hit the airwaves with the modest Curb in 1996 after the Hesher EP. With radio play the only outlet, the band members quietly took to the task of managing themselves independently: Chad courted radio stations, Mike was in charge of distribution, Peakes managed the website, & Vikedal booked shows. The shows were an integral part of the band's rise in the late 90s with The State, with 200 per year at one point. Mainstream success required a label, & EMI (Canada) & Roadrunner Records (USA) snapped up Nickelback signatures. Producer Rick Parashar honed Kroeger's focused songwriting talents to good effect with their breakthrough album Silver Side Up. Nickelback's fan base swelled through the decade, & Vikedal's departure in 2005 ushered in Patrick Adair to illuminate the band's most successful period. With a succession of #1 hits & bestselling albums, Nickelback have established an inspirational legacy. Nickelback's musical style is mainly post-grunge, but it has been influenced by pop & country sounds as well.

Nickelback's rise to the pinnacle wasn't easy, with "Fly" from Curb doing well on the radio. The second album The State spawned a couple of moderately successful numbers before 2001's Silver Side Up, perfected mainly in live recordings. "How You Remind Me" went on to become a defining song for Nickelback, whereas "Too Bad" & "Never Again" also topped charts. A commercial Hollywood venture with Saliva's Josey Scott culminated in "Hero" off the Spiderman movie soundtrack. Nickelback's sound became more mature & focused with 2003's The Long Road, with the hit single "Someday" selling over 5 million copies & "Figured You Out" becoming a chart-topper. Nickelback's biggest album yet, 2005's All the Right Reasons, had the hit songs "Photograph", "If Everyone Cared" & "Rock Star", which were instrumental in pushing album sales up to 7.5 million. 2008's Dark Horse had the widely acclaimed sports anthem "Gotta Be Somebody", & "Burn It to the Ground", Nickelback's heaviest rock song yet. Nickelback have walked home with 12 Juno Awards, 3 Billboard Music Awards & 2 American Music Awards. Songs like "Someday" & "How You Remind Me" have contributed to 6 Grammy nominations.

Nickelback tickets have been on top of the shopping list of every rocker in the country ever since the early 2000s. Chad Kroeger's gruff bellowing vocals have endeared fans to the band, although they have been the target of much derision too. A hectic touring record of 200 shows per year by 2000 made them one of the most sought after live acts. The energy that flows through the slick performances with blaring guitar work has captivated fans, & Nickelback next turn their attention to Canada, with shows in Calgary, Edmonton & Vancouver by mid-June.

Nickelback's music is a blast of fresh air after the days of punk rock declined in the 90s. While others have run dry & fallen by the wayside, Nickelback have endured with original compositions. Nickelback tickets are one of the hottest commodities in town this summer. So grab your Nickelback concert tickets asap.

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