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The New Riders of the Purple Sage is an acclaimed country rock band from the United States of America. It was in 1969 that this music band was formed in San Francisco in California. The original lineup of the band comprised of many members from the Grateful Dead band. One of the most remembered songs that they released is the “Panama Red” that is still played on radio stations and music charts. The great fan following of the group refers them as New Riders and sometimes as NRPS.

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About New Riders Of The Purple Sage

The main musical genre of the group is country rock. They have been actively a part of the music industry since 1969 till 1997. After the breakup of 1997, they were seen reuniting once again in 2005. Since then, they have been performing to some of the greatest live shows and releasing rocking music to date. The music recording label companies that the band has been affiliated with have been the A7M Records, Columbia Records, Relix Records and MCA Records. They have given some mind blowing associated acts with groups and musicians such as Robert Hunter, Grateful Dead, David Nelson Band, Donna Jean Godchaux and Peter Rowan. The current lineup of the band members comprises of David Nelson, Michael Falzarano, Johnny Markowski, Buddy Cage and Ronnie Penque.
The origins of the New Riders of the Purple Sage go back as early as the decade of the 1960s. The members of the band were highly active in the beatnik/bohemian/folk circuit in San Francisco. It was in this circuit that the future lead guitarist of Grateful Dead and NRPS, Jerry Garcia, used to regularly perform in live gigs. Garcia was accompanied by a fellow guitarist David Nelson. The rather young John Dawson, who was referred to as “Marmaduke”, belonged to an established family that was based in Chicago in Illinois. He later shifted to Los Altos Hills in California. Dawson used to play in a few concerts along with Nelson and Garcia. The three of them, combined their talented skills together and eventually formed the NRPS band in 1969. They continued to create some of the most cherished music from 1969 till 1997.
In the 28 years that they were together before going on a hiatus, the band gathered an immense amount of fan following and were listed among the most celebrated musicians and band in the history of the country rock music genre. In 1997, when the band faced a breakup, John Dawson was seen as retiring from music and moving to Mexico to take on the profession of being a teacher. After being together for nearly three decades, Nelson embarked on initiating a band of his own which went by the title of David nelson Band. In 2001, the band came together once more to perform in some live concerts. The following year in 2002, they received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the acclaimed High Times magazine.
After the demise of fellow member Spencer Dryden, a new lineup of the New Riders of the Purple Sage was seen in 2005. They started to tour the entire country extensively. This new lineup includes Buddy Cage, David Nelson, Ronnie Penque the bassist, John Markowski the drummer and Michael Falzarano the guitarist. They released a live album that was titled as Wanted: Live at Turkey Trot along with two successful studio albums named 17 Pine Avenue and Where I Come From. Known for performing to some of the most electrifying and thrilling live music shows, the band is all set to come and perform in a venue near you. If you happen to be a fan of the band or a fan of country rock music, then this is a brilliant opportunity for you to get your New Riders of the Purple Sage tickets and enjoy a fantastic time at this remarkable live event.
With cheap New Riders of the Purple Sage tickets in your hands, we vouch for the fact that this will be one of those live shows that you will have a rocking time at. These legendary performers in this commendable band truly know how to keep their audience captivated and enthralled. 

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