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Every day numerous singers, musicians and song writers enter the music industry to try out their luck and become successful stars. Only a few stay while most of them are unable to survive in the race to reach to the top. There are just a few stars that have survived in the industry for decades. Neil Young is a true example of a musician that has seen super stardom in the music world for over 50 years now. His success story is unprecedented and only a few can reach where he has reached today. It has taken him 50 years and various experimenting with his style to reach this position.

About Neil Young

Born in Canada in 1945; Neil started his singing career at just the mere age of 15. Soon he moved to California and formed the "Buffalo Springfield" band. Later, he joined another band but his real claim to fame was in 1968 when the rock star performer started his solo career and released his first album. Since then, it has been no looking back for this singer. He has paved his way to become one of the most successful stars of the music industry. A multi faceted performer of his caliber is hard to find nowadays and this is what makes him stand out of the crowd.

This exceptional performer plays numerous instruments like the harmonica, piano, keyboard but it is his outstanding guitar skills make cheap Neil young tickets fans go crazy! His genres include rock, folk rock, proto-grunge, country rock and hard rock. His distinctive and outstanding guitar playing skills got him a place in Rolling Stone magazine's list of 100 greatest guitarists of all time; an honor shared by artists like 'Jimi Hendrix', ' Eric Clapton' and 'Dean Johnson'. Hundreds of musicians and singers came and went but Neil's music has been unstoppable for over 5 decades. This 65 year old rock star performer's talent is so enormous that he has never slowed down or fallen behind the singers much younger than him. The energy in his performances still remains the same. Till date, he has released 35 albums out of which most of the albums have received a platinum status in various countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia etc. His music touches the hearts of millions of people across the globe who understand the power of his music. Among his innumerable talents lies his talent of directing, producing and screen writing for films. He has directed films like 'journey through the past'; 'rust never sleeps', 'human highway' and 'Greendale.'

The long list of awards and honors that he has received includes a large number of Grammy, Juno and MTV music awards. He has also had the honor of being a part of Rolling Stone magazine's list of greatest artist of all time; an honor shared by legendary artists like 'Bob Marley', 'Elvis Presley', 'Bob Dylan' and 'Michael Jackson.' In addition to all the various music awards that he has received; this legendary performer has also been honored with the highest Canadian order; the Order of Canada and the Order of Manitoba. This super star's exceptional journey to the heights of super stardom has been captured in a documentary called "Neil Young: Heart of Gold" directed by Jonathan demme. The eccentric and berserk side of Neil young is seen in his music but apart from that, he takes an active interest in environmental issues and the welfare of farmers. He is also the founder of a school especially for children with disabilities.

Neil young's concerts are electrifying. His par excellence talent is seen in its true sense in his live performances. His outstanding guitar skills can blow your mind. It is an opportunity of a lifetime to see a performer of his caliber live on stage. The rock star performer's concerts are known to be packed with thousands of fans waiting to see their favorite singer perform live on stage. The electrifying performer will soon be performing live in a city near you! So why don't you go get your Neil Young tickets right now before you miss the show!


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