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The indie rock band Mumford and Sons was formed in 2007. Based in London the four member band includes Marcus Mumford, Country Winston, Ben Lovett, and Ted Dwane. Before forming their own band, each member was playing with different a group. However their mutual love for country folk and bluegrass brought them together and they decided to develop their own compositions. The band has the shared desire to make purposeful music. Belonging to early twenties, all members have their own talent, passion for music, and the will to create melodies that will touch people's heart. Each artist shares excellent chemistry and when playing together creates a magic. Greatly inspired by the folk music legends, "Crosby, Stills & Nash" as well as the "Kings Of Leon", the bands lyrics are nothing short of stories and have cultural references in them.

About Mumford And Sons

Mumford and Sons have always been a fan of live music. They believe that they are capable of giving their best if they are performing in front of the people. Due to this reason the quartet always practiced on the pavements, outside the venues. They are unable to equate the rush and the thrill of live performance with anything else. The foursome didn't enter the music industry to become famous. They feel that there is nothing more rewarding than to share the love that they have for this form of art with the audiences. With this aim the band began working on their music. After producing some rough drafts of their songs, the sensational artists decided to hit the road. Each member is a master of his own instrument. If Marcus strums some great guitar tunes, then Winston has a way with banjo and dobra. Lovett's keyboard skills and Dwane's control on bass has helped Mumford and Sons create some marvelous music. The wonderful vocals by Lovett and Dwane add great depth to their compositions.

The band began touring in 2008 and continued with it for the whole year. During their time on the road they won the hearts of many. The word of their astounding melodies spread like fire and suddenly everyone was talking about the new folk music sensations. In just a short span of time, Mumford and Sons were performing in front of a sold out crowd. The visited different parts of UK and every destination increased their fan-base. After an outstanding UK tour, the band went on to stir the fans in USA. They met the same success with the American audiences and Mumford and Sons became the folk-band to watch out for. While there, the talented foursome collaborated with other English folk artists like Laura Marling and Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit.

During this time, the band also created its debut extended play album, "Love Your Ground". Recorded in a small house, with a view of the sea and a beautiful patio, the album brought to the fans some wonderful pieces. Sounding like veterans, Mumford and Sons have brought innovation and freshness to their music. Tracks like, "Banjolin Song" and "Little Lion Man" drove the fans crazy. Followed by this the band came up with their second EP, "The Cave And The Open Sea" in 2009. With every release they showed maturity and their music got brighter and full of energy. Promising to write about the real things and penning only the truth, the quartet started producing bolder lyrics. Every song produced different reactions but the gist remained the same. People loved Mumford and Sons. The band even got shortlisted in BBC Sound of 2009 Poll.

After proving to be a sensation on the road, the band decided to produce their debut record. The album, "Sigh No More" released in 2009 and was certified platinum worldwide. It debuted among the top ten on the UK Music Charts and in Australia reached the number one spot. Throughout the album, the artists have displayed a spectacular poise and have a wonderful command on the genre. The romantic lyrics of the title track, "Sigh No More" combined with some beautiful music took the fans by storm.

Mumford and Sons are best known for their live performances. The foursome creates a magic on stage and makes the fans go crazy. Marcus Mumford's brilliant vocals and the mastery of instruments by the other three have a mesmerizing effect on the crowd. To witness the icons in live action, get your cheap Mumford and Sons Tickets now! You will simply have the time of your life.

The Mumford and Sons is a band formed by four close friends. This is a plus point for the band as they have a great understanding and always end up creating quality music. Due to this fact, thousands of fans out there love to see them perform live. They have a tremendous chemistry, which results in remarkable and innovative compositions. You're going to love the set of their brand new tracks! If you wish to see them perform live right in front of you, then you just have to get your Mumford and Sons Tickets as soon as you can!

Mumford and Sons is a fabulous rock band that has prevailed in the international rock scene and toured all over the world, fascinating countless rock fans with their sensational tunes and catchy guitar riffs. This one in a million rock outfit, originating from the capital of the UK, London, is a folk rock band whose music also has influences of bluegrass, an American country music sub genre. Mumford and Sons have been active since their debut in 2007 and in only a couple of years since then, this rock group has established itself as a master of live performances and a source for the best folk rock songs on this planet. Within the US, Mumford and Sons are signed onto the label Grassnote Records, Island Records in the UK and Universal Music in Canada as well as Australia. The lineup of this band consists of highly talented rockstars.

The band includes Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall, and Ted Dwane. The first album from this rock band was released in 2009 and titled as Sigh No More; this album ranked second on both the UK Album Charts as well as the US Billboard 200 charts. In just a year, Mumford and Sons had achieved new heights of fame, performing on TV and receiving two Grammy Award nominations as the Best New Artist and for having the Best Rock Song. Thus, this award winning band with fabulous rock albums is a must see; live, by grabbing these Mumford and Sons Tickets.


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