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Fans of heavy metal and hard rock now have a double delight coming their way. Motley Crue and Alice Cooper have joined forces to bring you a thrilling event packed with fiery performances. The two music acts are setting stages on fire across the country and their next destination is your city. If you do not want to miss out on this exciting event, then hurry to get your Motley Crue and Alice Cooper tickets before they are all sold out.

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About Motley Crue Alice Cooper


The heavy metal band Motley Crue was formed in 1981 by bass guitarist Nikki Sixx and drummer Tommy Lee. Vocalist Vince Neil and guitarist Mick Mars joined the ensemble later and the quartet laid the foundation of a successful music career that would continue for decades.


From the very beginning, Motley Crue produced matchless music which defied the boundaries of the metal genre and blended together anthemic choruses, punk rock, melodic power and stadium-sized riffs. The members of the band also gained a reputation for their hedonistic personas and lifestyles that earned them legions of fans across the globe.


The debut album by the band, “Too Fast for Love”, came out in 1981. The album was certified as platinum and laid the foundation for the band’s success. Their subsequent four albums also went on to be certified as platinum.


Their first four albums, it can be said, partially owed their success to the notorious image that the band had developed, with frequent accounts of near-death experiences, drug addictions and celebrity girlfriends. The fifth record however, “Dr. Feelgood”, saw Motley Crue in a completely novel state, filled with sobriety and calm.Even during the nineties, when most rock and metal bands lost their popularity to grunge, Motley Crue released two more gold albums.


More than three decades after they began performing, the continuously evolving band still enthralls fans at concerts. Motley Crue has sold more than seventy-five million albums worldwide, out of which more than a third have been sold in the United States. The band is currently on its final tour and has announced its retirement afterwards. This might be your last chance to watch this enduringly popular music act live on stage. Do not miss it.


Sharing the stage with Motley Crue is another splendid rock musician, Alice Cooper. The singer, songwriter and guitarist has spent more than five immensely successful decades in the world of rock and metal music and still refuses to slow down. His stage performances are a complete spectacle, involving electric chairs, fake blood, guillotines and baby dolls. He is considered one of the pioneers of heavy rock, and shock rock.


Alice Cooper was originally a band’s name formed and fronted by Cooper himself. The group drew influences from horror movies, garage rock and heavy metal and created spectacular live shows. When Alice Cooper began his solo career in the seventies, most of the theatricality was lost but his music continued to be equally irresistible. His debut solo album came out in 1975 as a concept record, titled “Welcome to My Nightmare”.


More than three decades later, in 2001, Alice Cooper released his nineteenth solo album, titled “Welcome 2 My Nightmare”. Over this time, Cooper has consistently reinvented his music and experimented with several different styles. This has kept his work interesting and unpredictable. He has tampered with conceptual rock, hard rock, art rock, heavy metal, new wave and many more.


Cooper has been called as the most ‘beloved heavy metal entertainer’ by the Rolling Stone’s Album guide for his witty persona and affable on stage appearance. The two times Grammy nominated star was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2011. This delightful star is now appearing in your city for a scintillating performance. Get your Motley Crue & Alice Cooper tickets and become part of a music extravaganza that will give you memories for a lifetime.


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