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Monica is an R&B superstar and has been going strong since the 90s. She has released eight studio albums, with “Code Red” being the latest one. The singer is lauded for her contributions to R&B, particularly in this day and age when it may seem like the genre is not heavily featured in the mainstream. Monica has rejected this trend and maintained the popularity of soul music. In 2017, she and her sister Tamar Braxton are joining Xscape on their reunion tour. She will continue to perform as part of it in 2018 as well. Monica tickets for these events are available for purchase.

About Monica

About Monica

While Monica recognizes that soul and R&B is on the back burner in the current musical climate, she also believes that this is simply a result of people not being introduced to the genre properly. Therefore, the singer has taken it upon herself to constantly promote this genre. in order to get R&B across to a wider audience, she has collaborated with artists such as Whitney Houston and Akon on her records.

Monica was a child star, with her talent first discovered at age 11. She began as a gospel performer, later diving into R&B with her sister, Tamar. She began her solo career in 1995 and has seen it flourish for over twenty years. During this time, the singer has developed a successful acting career as well, appearing in films such as “American Dreams” and “Living Single”.

Code Red

Monica has produced several hit songs during her over twenty years in the music industry. Hits such as “I Miss Music” and “The Boy is Mine” have become representative anthems for Gen Xers. Along with this, the 90s’ hits “For You I Will” and “Before You Walk Out of My Life” have won Grammys and number one spots on Billboard as well.

Monica’s success knows no end and her latest album “Code Red” has put her back on the records map. It has landed in the public sphere at the right time, in 2017, as the album has revived soul music for anyone who missed it, but with freshness to it. The songs on this record are by no means nostalgic. Instead, they stand as new contributions to soul music, as is the case with the Lil Wayne duet, “Just Right For Me”. More than anything, “Code Red” is fun, with groovy new songs to entertain audiences.

Live in Concert

Having released her new record, Monica has signed up for a number of live shows through 2017 and 2018. Firstly, she and her sister Tamera are a part of Xscape’s reunion tour, serving as opening acts as well as performing with the girl group. Along with these, Monica is availing opportunities to set up exclusive theater shows for her fans. If you would like to catch her performance or solo concert, you should look at Monica tour dates 2017 / 2018 and choose the event of your choice.