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Mitzi Gaynor is a fabulous American actress, entertainer and dancer from Chicago city who has been active since 1949. Regarded today as one of the most famous American entertainers of all time, she has graced many a stage with her presence, enchanting millions, and thus it is no surprise that many thousands continue to order Mitzi Gaynor tickets to catch her live at many an American venue. She has won many awards and honors over the course of her career, including an Emmy and many other honors. An entertainer must to see live, her upcoming shows have already become hot sellers due to massive sales of Mitzi Gaynor tickets.

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About Mitzi Gaynor

At a young age, Mitzi Gaynor was trained as a ballerina. She began a career as a chorus dancer and soon started performing with reputed opera companies. At the age of seventeen, she grabbed a contract with Twentieth Century Fox which became her entry pass to a glorious career of singing, dancing and acting in many famous musicals and movies. In times to come, Mitzi Gaynor would go on to star in ground breaking movies such as South Pacific and appear in famous programs. She bagged a Golden Globe nomination for South Pacific in the category of Best Actress. She also grabbed a whooping sixteen Emmy nominations during the sixties and seventies. She performed at the Oscars in 1967 and accompanied The Beatles during their live appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Mitzi Gaynor has also released a number of albums and recorded songs for the South Pacific’s soundtrack.  Through her live shows, she has entertained audience all over the US and Canada. Her concerts receive a great response and it is usually difficult to find cheap Mitzi Gaynor tickets. Mitzi Gaynor is a multi-faceted individual who has also proved herself as an influential author and columnist. She has won many awards and honors over the course of her career such as the Emmy Award for Outstanding Entertainment Program, Chapman University's Lifetime Achievement in the Arts Award and the Tremaine 2009 Entertainer of the Year Award. She has also won the Bob Harrington Lifetime Achievement Awards from the Bistro Awards. She is an entertainer that everyone should see live by booking Mitzi Gaynor tickets.

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