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Mimosa tickets are your passes to experience Vancouver’s best loved Jazz pop sound. The band is a group of four talented musicians who are inspired by a wide number of genres. Their music has rhythm of Jazz and beat of Brazilian Sambas. Their songs remind of French pop songs of the sixties along with Cabaret music. However, the band has used its creativity to make its own unique music. Everything from their lyrics, song themes and composition is unusual. Mimosa still captures attention of music lover with its grooviest songs and music.

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About MiMOSA

Its entry and stay in mainstream music has helped the band grow in many ways. The band offers very exciting and inventive pop to its following as well as general audiences. It is tagged as one of the top Western bands of the country. Three of their studio releases got huge general and critical acclaim. They have also made numerous appearances in festivals and tours all over Canada. Their fame has skyrocketed over the past few years mainly because of their amazing live shows. Examples of these shows are performances at the Vancouver and the Montreal Jazz Festivals. The band has also been covered extensively on television, radio and the World Wide Web.
The band is a collection of many musicians, a couple of which are regular members such as Rebecca Shoichet on the vocals, Karen Graves on the Saxophone/flutes, Anna Lumiere on bass/keyboards and Adam Thomas on the bass/vocals. They have been together since the band started. For all band members, this musical outfit is an ambition that they want to take to the international music scene. They have been working hard as a result of which, they have produced a couple of acclaimed studio releases. Their studio and live side are equally astounding. Millions of fans are charmed by their presence and are hooked to them because of their music.
Mimosa’s band members have very strong understanding of music they make. They connect with the most happening artists, bands and venues; that have helped them bring an edge to the band’s songs. Anna Lumiere is the front lead who drives this band wagon. She is the main song writer, left hand bass player and right hand keyboardist. Her solo career runs parallel a the lead of this band. Her experience out of the band helps her bring modern jazz sounds to every composition. Rebecca Shoichet is a truly talented vocalist with formal acting and voice training. She has a deep high quality vocals and as well as a very charming personality. Her confidence makes her a treat to hear and watch, every time the band performs live. Karen Graves’s saxophone and flute sound are a very important part of the band’s music. Adam Thomas is also a solo bass player apart from associated with this act. His musical sensitivity has made the band’s music groovier than ever.
The band’s musicians have made jazz pop very colorful. They have added a cosmopolitan touch to it by adding fast paced beats and rhythms. The most prominent sounds that are a part of their songs include Gypsy music of Eastern Europe, Klezmer, Bosa Nova, Swing and Cabaret (vintage style). Their songs are mostly English, French and Spanish, but they are very Parisian in flair. Everything from the vocals to the flue, saxophone, keyboards and synth; is inspired by French pop and local jazz. No wonder music is smooth and silky and the vocals are deep. The occasional playing keyboards and accordion give a global feel to their sound. There are also many instrumental textures in their songs. They too are sophisticated and follow a natural flow.
The touring history of the band highlights many occasions where the band performed brilliantly. Many music festivals in the province of British Columbia saw band in its full form. In theses festivals, they simply played the best of their best music from record and rare releases. Other than festivals, the band’s headlining tours are also big attractions. The band’s live side is more powerful and enjoyable, making their concerts even more successful than album releases.
A night out with Mimosa is a jamming session offering unforgettable music never heard before. The band’s life side offers an energetic play of beautiful melodies and tunes. Mimosa tickets have become a craze since the announcement of the band’s latest concert tour. If you also want to catch them live on stage, get hold of your tickets now. Cheap Mimosa tickets are also available, offering different deals and bargains. Find the best one that suits you.

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