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Pop star, Meghan Trainor, came to the forefront of the music industry with the breakthrough single, “All about That Bass.” This singer-songwriter hailing from Massachusetts had devoted most of her life to music before she embarked on her solo career with Epic Records. The newcomer soon achieved phenomenal success, rocking the charts and achieving notable award nominations. Trainor’s music predominantly falls under bubblegum pop, doo-wop and blue-eyed soul genres.

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About Meghan Trainor

Career beginnings

Trainor began making music at seven, and by eleven, she was writing her own songs. She received formal training for playing instruments like guitar, keyboard and trumpet. Notable guitarist and NRBQ band member, Johnny Spampinato taught her how to play the guitar.

Attending the Berklee College of Music’s Performance Program further polished her songwriting skills. While there, she reached the finals of the program’s songwriting competition. When she turned eighteen, she had self-released three albums. Soon Trainor earned a publishing deal with Big Yellow Dog Music and wrote songs for the likes of Rascal Flatts, Sabrina Carpenter and Common Kings, among others.

Success of “All about That Bass”

Released in 2014, this groundbreaking single earned Meghan fame in the national and international circuit. “All about That Bass” proved that she was not just a songwriting genius but a talented singer as well. A dance-friendly number celebrating positive body image for women, the single struck a chord with her audiences. It shot to number one on the US charts and remained there for weeks, an amazing accomplishment for a new artist. The music video for the single became an online sensation racking up millions of views on YouTube. It also gained multi-platinum certification selling over four million copies in the US alone.

All about That Bass” turned out to be an international hit topping the charts in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Germany. It even landed at number one on the UK singles chart, firmly stamping its mark as the biggest single of the year and making Trainor the most successful female artist of 2014. International sales crossed over six million and Trainor enjoyed considerable international fame, earning invitations for tours and concerts worldwide.

On the US Billboard, the single ranked at the top place on several charts including “Mainstream Top 40,” “Hot 100 Airplay,” and “Hot Digital Songs” charts. It generated quite a buzz in the media and among audiences. The international phenomenon even earned two Grammy.

Later efforts

Though her later efforts so far have not enjoyed as much fame as her breakthrough single, they have still been sufficiently successful in their own right. Sequel to the mega hit was “Lips are Movin’” which became a notable hit, charting at number four on “The Billboard Hot 100.” It also achieved double-platinum certification and set the stage for her debut EP, Title. Both the EP and her debut studio album are named Title.

The studio album released in early 2015, peaked at first place on “The Billboard 200” as well as the “Top Digital Albums” charts. Besides her first two singles, the album also includes two other charting numbers “Dear Future Husband” and “Like I’m Gonna Lose You.

Fan following and live performances

Meghan has developed an ever-growing fan base that follows the singer’s every move. Her self-titled fan base called Megatrons, lifts its name from the popular Transformers franchise.

At Trainor’s live performances, her fun personality and lively crowd interaction takes center stage. She typically treats audiences to her international hit as an encore, winning the crowd with her powerful vocals. Meghan Trainor tickets are likely to be a hot selling item as the artist heads on her upcoming tour. Considering her popularity, Meghan certainly is an artist set for stardom.

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