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Excellence in jazz about to take the stage in the form of the magnificent Medeski Martin and Wood. The amazing trio also known as MMW have been performing as a group for over two decades and have since gone on to put themselves in the company of the most remarkable jazz artists on the circuit. Now that they are on tour once again book your Medeski Martin and Wood tickets and be a part of a magical concert.

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About Medeski Martin and Wood

All three members of the Medeski Martin and Wood had a deep rooted fascination with jazz music from a very early age. They spent countless hours working and performing to fine tune their skills. Apart from the fact they all loved jazz, there was one other factor they had in common. Bob Moses the legendary drummer knew them all and that one connection was to go and change their lives forever. It was Moses who teamed up Wood and Medeski initially. Both of them were being taught by Moses so he knew they had the talent to make their mark in the music world. Medeski was a piano/keyboard player while Wood was an incredibly talented bassist. The chemistry was evident right from the very beginning.
John Medeski and Chris Wood made their way to the New York and started to share an apartment together. They started to discuss and rehearse together four hours every day. They wanted to make their mark in the dominant jazz music landscape of New York but soon decided the place wasn’t what they were hoping it would be. It was more conventional whereas they wanted their music to center around jazz with a lot of experimentation and innovations. So Medeski and Wood made their way to the downtown area where the art music world was developing. The environment was exactly what they were looking for which gave them the freedom to push jazz boundaries anyway they wanted. It was not smooth sailing however because some of their improvisations didn’t come out as intended but the ones that did were just special and that motivated them to keep on going.
They would play at the famous Village Gate quite often. The duo would ask other drummers to accompany them on the stage during those performances. Then they met Billy Martin. Martin was a Moses protégée as well, one who was very highly rated by his mentor. Martin was unconventional and that was exactly the kind of drummer Medeski and Wood were looking for. Soon these three versatile performers were jamming together. They hit it off straight away and Martin then became the drummer for performances at the Village Gate and that is when Medeski Martin and Wood came into existence. They started to work on their debut release and that came in the shape of the album “Notes from Underground.”
They followed it up with “It’s a Jungle in Here” in the year 1993. There was a lot of improvisation and that gave a glimpse of where Medeski Martin and Wood wanted their music to go.  The next two albums “Friday Afternoon in the Universe” and “Shack-man” hit the music stores in 1995 and 1996 respectively. Both releases had groove induced music which received a lot of positive reviews.
Medeski Martin and Wood followed that up with a road trip but what really brought them to the attention of the wider music public was their performance with the iconic “Phish.” That concert pushed them under the spotlight and made them a member of the jam band fraternity. MMW made a concerted effort to revert back to avant-garde. They began to host special shows and parties in that regard which were attended by the likes of DJ Logic and Vernon Reid.
Medeski Martin and Wood’s subsequent releases like “Farmers Reserve,” “Combustication,” “Tonic,” “Electric Tonic,” “A Go Go,” “Uninvisible” and “The Radiation Series” have pushed the envelope further than ever before. Their performances live are as majestic as their music and now that they are on tour book your cheap Medeski Martin and Wood tickets to be a part of one live.

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