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Gear up and get ready to witness the re-birth of music that has captivated millions around the world. The Masters of Motown are in town. It is a celebration of Detroit music like you haven’t seen before. Detroit has a long illustrious love affair with music and everything that makes it so special will be on show at this wonderful show. So grab your Masters of Motown tickets and make your way to the arena for an unforgettable event.

About Masters Of Motown

The Masters of Motown are a ten member group of artists who kept the legacy of Motor City music alive. There are three female singers and three male singers. Add keys, drums, bass and guitar to the equation and it becomes a perfect collection of performers. Perfect it really is for they have managed to not only pay homage to the biggest names in history but have re-created the essence of everything that made those icons stand out from the rest. From Stevie Wonder to Four Tops all the way to Jackson Five, the Supremes and Diane Ross among many others they cover the greatest hits from these amazing artists.
Every Masters of Motown performance is live without any sort of recordings which makes it all the more remarkable. A concert by this remarkable group is exactly what the doctor ordered for people who are in love with music from that era. The performers from the world famous TFC Band also join in on the fun to complete the line-up. It’s a very special trip down memory lane for people who have followed Detroit music. They have been on the road performing at venues around the country and abroad for the best part of the past three decades. Fans in Europe, Asia and Africa have all been treated to the magical performances of the Masters of Motown.
The flawless re-incarnation of one of the most amazing periods in the history of music is something to be celebrated in itself. The style, the moves, the choreography, performances everything brings to life the culture and musical foundations of Motor City. To go on for as long as they have and still remain such a potent force takes some doing. The Masters of Motown have been dubbed “the most entertaining history lessons ever performed!” and rightly so. They commemorate music that is among the most glorious parts of history, the music that has also laid the foundations of turning music into an art form. The artists of that period are the ones who first showed what showmanship and onstage persona stand for. The band is on the road again as part of their latest tour so this is your chance to catch them live. Grab cheap Masters of Motown tickets and witness a concert you will not forget in a hurry.

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