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Look back in to the history of music and you will find that it has consistently evolved over the years. Every decade, a genre of music takes precedence over others or new ones come to the fore as artists experiment with their sound. The seventies are remembered as the era when rock n roll ruled supreme as some of the greatest rock bands and artists in history made their mark during that time. One such band that revolutionized the genre for years to come was Dire Straits and they did that with the help of their lead singer and guitarist, the legendary Mark Knopfler.

About Mark Knopfler


Knopfler is known around the world as the man who created the Dire Straits, one of the greatest and most revolutionary bands in music history. He was the brain behind the success of the group as Dire Straits became famous all over the world for their thought provoking lyrics and beautiful compositions. They were one of the first bands to break down international borders and garner a dedicated fan following in different countries around the globe.


When Knopfler finally went solo, it did not take him too long to continue with the same level of success and release bestselling albums once again. With the legend primed to perform for his fans once again, here’s your chance to see him live. Book your cheap Mark Knopfler tickets and catch the incredibly talented rock star live in concert.


Mark Knopfler was born in 1949, in Glasgow, Scotland. Knopfler was very young when he developed a fascination for music due to his uncle’s influence. His favorite uncle Kingsley would play the harmonica and the piano, which entranced little Mark and made him want to become a musician as well.


Knopfler got his first guitar, a twin-pick-up Höfner Super Solid soon after and started practicing regularly. By the time he was sixteen, he had begun playing casually with friends and had also performed in several amateur bands at school, as a singer and lead guitarist. Keeping his guitar practice going, he also decided to further his education and got a journalism degree from the Harlow College as well as an English degree from the University of Leeds. While in Leeds, Mark joined another band called Silverheels with whom he recorded his first original track, called “Summer's Coming My Way”.


Soon after, Knopfler moved to London and joined the band ‘Brewers Droop’ and appeared in their album titled “the Booze Brothers.” He also started working as a lecturer at the Loughton College in Essex and performed with several underground bands during this time. However, by the mid seventies, his brother Dave had also moved to London and befriended John Illsley, a bass guitarist. The two Knopfler brothers and Illsley joined hands to create the Dire Straits. Pick Withers would later join them as the drummer.


Dire Straits went on to become one of the most successful rock bands in history. Knopfler’s finger picking guitar playing style, coupled with the band’s use of diverse musical genres and experimental melodies made them a worldwide sensation. They managed to sell over one hundred and twenty million albums around the globe, becoming one of the highest selling artists of all time.


Their fifth album, “Brothers in Arms” sold over thirty million copies, becoming one of the most successful albums in the world while going nine times platinum in the U.S. Dire Straits won four Grammy Awards, three BRIT Awards and two MTV Video Music Awards before breaking up in the year 1995.


Knopfler then decided to go solo. His first album, “Golden Heart” came out in 1996 and made it to the top ten on the UK charts. Since then, he has released six more albums, all of which have made it to the top fifteen on the UK charts. He has also been awarded an Order Of the British Empire (OBE) as well as three honorary doctorates in music.


He has been working on a new album these days and is about to embark on a live tour. The icon will soon be making his way to an arena near you. So if rock is your genre, then this is your chance to grab Mark Knopfler tickets and watch one of the biggest names in rock music history live in concert.


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