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Josh Ramsay, Matt Webb, Mike Ayley and Ian Casselman are Marianas Trench; a Punk/Pop-rock band from Vancouver. Josh Ramsay is the front man who also the vocalist, song writer, guitarist, producer and the driving force behind the band. He started music in his adolescent years, gradually teaming up with member Matt Webb to form the band Ramsay Fiction. This band ended fairly early and Ramsay and Webb began looking for new members for their new band. In the process they found Ian Casselman who in turn brought Mike Ayley. The quadrangle completed in 2001 and named them Marianas Trench. The band was influence by big names of pop, rock and punk music namely Queen, The Beach Boys, Foo Fighters and Ben Folds Five. 

About Marianas Trench

The band signed up 604 Records as soon as they decided to hit mainstream. Their debut self titled EP was released in 2002; with seven tracks that were mostly demos. They were later featured as full length singles on the first album Fix Me (2006). Featuring three brilliant tracks Say Anything, Decided to Break It and Shake Tramp; the album did stir up the mainstream. Especially when Shake Tramp became a commercial hit the band became more serious about their next album. The first album also showed that the band was daring and stepped out of punk boundaries. It explored new-age punk, old school pop as well as modern rock. The combination was great and Marianas Trench was the new song and dance sensation in punk pop music.

The sophomore release Masterpiece Theatre, was a better album; it was technically sound and had great lyrics. This album was based on the idea of Trench’s own “pocket symphony”. It wanted to absorb vocals of Freddy Mercury of the Queen and the chorus like feel of the Beach Boys. The album was compiled as a mix of pristine pop, high riff rock and digital new wave. The band also showed more compositional maturity compared to their debut effort. The interesting versions of the song Masterpiece Theater became the highlight of this album. From title track Masterpiece Theatre I to Masterpiece Theatre II in the middle and Masterpiece Theatre III in the end; the band connected rhythms and melodies of each one of these. While keeping in touch with the themes and ideas behind other songs the band also linked these three songs to the rest of the album.

The success of Masterpiece Theater across Canada came with the single Cross My Heart. Another single All To Myself got them groundbreaking commercial success when it went platinum. These hit singles took the band to perform in their first American tour. The Directors Cut of Masterpiece came out in 2010. It featured acoustic play of songs like Cross My Heart, Celebrity Status, Good to You and cover of Billy Joel’s And So It Goes. All these became hit singles and helped Masterpiece Theater become a platinum album in Canada. Ever After (2011) was the band’s third album with Haven't Had Enough coming out as the first release. It popularity grew every day since it came on iTunes, where it finally became platinum. It remained on the top slot on iTunes Canada Top Charts as well as Pop Downloads. The single Fallout and its video were the follow-up releases from this album. The video was loved by Mariana Trench fans and went golden in no time. The band has also released reprises of songs like Stutter, Ever After, By Now, Desperate Measures, Toy Soldiers and No Place Like Home.

Marianas Trench has been fairly active in the live touring scene. They have played live extensively in Canada. The Beside You tour and Lipdub event at the University of British Columbia are the two most memorable performances by the band. The band has also collaborated with bands like The Ready Set, The Downtown Fiction, We Are The In Crowd and Allstar Weekend in the The Glamour Kills Tour (2011). The band also opened up for the band Simple Plan on their Get Your Heart on Tour (2012). After their first tour of the US in 2009, Marianas Trench performed again in NYC for their United States Ever After Tour. Journey's Backyard BBQ Tour also featured a live performance by the band in 2012. Marianas Trench tickets are the best passes to see the band perform their best music, song and dance. If you are interested in more affordable deals, cheap Marianas Trench tickets are also available. Browse for the Marianas Trench tickets you want. Buy them at the earliest to avoid any disappointment.

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