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Two iconic bands that have been around for over four decades are on the go and are all set to sizzle up the stage. The Lynyrd Skynyrd & ZZ Top concert will be a double treat as it is not every day you get to see two legendary bands in one go. Lynyrd Skynyrd & ZZ Top, both bands have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and they both enjoy a very loyal fan following. Lynyrd Skynyrd is a rock band that made the genre “Southern rock” famous back in the seventies. They hail from Florida and started off under the name the “Noble Five” in 1964 and achieved wordwide fame as a result of their hit singles such as Free Bird and Sweet Home Alabama. From the very start of their career, they have been known for their stellar live performances. At the very pinnacle of their career, in 1977, a plane crash killed three of the band members and put an end to one of the best times in their history.

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The resilient spirit of the band made them come back stronger, better and in 1987 it regrouped. , The reincarnated version of the band comprised of guitarist Gary Rossington-one of the founding members, Johnny Van Zant- younger brother of the deceased lead vocalist: Ronnie Van Zant who took up the reigns as chief songwriter/lead vocalist and a number of other members who had survived the crash. To this day the two aforementioned, remain icons who lend a legendary touch to the band. Currently the group also includes drummer and vocalist Rickey Medlocke, another longstanding member who intermittently has been a part of the lineup since 1970 in addition to four newer members.
Lynyrd Skynyrd made it to Rolling Stones list- 100 Greatest Artists of All Time in the year 2004 at spot number 95. 2008 saw the guitar solo of their song Free Bird being named the third greatest ever by Guitar World. VH1 also included the band in their list of 100 Greatest Artists of All Time at the 77th slot in 2010. When two iconic music groups like these come to perform live, it can easily be said that with Lynyrd Skynyrd & ZZ Top tickets, a fantastic time out is guaranteed.
ZZ Top, another fabulous act from the seventies still rocks and can give fans the best times of their lives. From Houston, Texas, they started off in 1969. Back then their sound was more entrenched in blues-rock but with time it has evolved to incorporate modern influences, thus making it more far reaching. It’s a three member band comprising of percussionist Frank Beard, guitarist/vocalist Billy Gibbons and bassist cum vocalist Dusty Hill. With Gibbons and Hill sporting beards down to their chests and sunshades, this wild trio can rock out live and engage crowds of all ages like any other, younger, present-day headlining act.  They sit proudly on VH1’s “100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock" list at the 44th slot and are lovingly called the "little ol' band from Texas" by ardent fans all over the country. Having sold over fifty million records around the globe, this band is certainly top notch. Before all the best seats for the cheap Lynyrd Skynyrd & ZZ Top tickets are sold out, it might be a good idea to grab some for yourself and your friends. With heart-pounding, foot stomping tracks, new and old, these rockers are vintage stuff and legends to say the very least. Seeing them live will only serve to enhance your appreciation for them!
It’s a misconception that those who grew up in the seventies or the eighties alone can appreciate these bands. Their music and style is enjoyable for all ages so getting cheap Lynyrd Skynyrd & ZZ Top tickets for your entire clan is a great idea and certainly recommended!

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