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With your Lotto King Karl tickets you can enjoy the best music of Germany. German music has a sound that can certainly entertain you in a great way. If you want to have a true taste of German music then you should start making your plans to enjoy Lotto King Karl live in concert. This talented German actor and musician, has the charm that will make you enjoy his show immensely. Even though his father was a bank clerk and mother, a simple housewife, the life of Lotto King Karl has not been simple at all. His ever growing passion of music has earned him huge fame and fan following. 

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About Lotto King Karl

All of his albums have been very popular among his fan and people from all over the place are showing interest in his music. If you haven't seen this talented musician performing live on stage then you are certainly missing out on something special. Starting off with his career by doing small jobs like, courier driver, packer and being military personnel in Navy; he has worked really hard to get what he has got today. Originally named Ray Charles he is famous as Heesemann in Hamburg. He developed his stage name, Lotto King Karl by inventing a legend of Karl King who was a forklift driver and won lottery. 
It was in 1995 when he released his debut single that was titled as I've hit the jackpot. After the initial success of that single he worked tirelessly and released his album with the title White modest '? in 1996. His band is named as The Barmbek Dream Boys. Apart from Lotto King Karl there is Mimi Schell on vocals. The band has talented guitarists named Matthias Arp, Mirko Michalzik and Jörn Heilbut. On bass you can see Achim Rafain, and on drums there is Lorenz Hoppe and Manne Uhlig. Tom Aeschbacher is famous for his Keyboards in the band and Hannes Koeppen for Saxophone. You can also enjoy beautiful voice of Melanie steelhead and Daggi Plähn in the band. Other members of the band include, Frank Itt and Jens Wrede on Bass and Thorsten Heintzsch on Keyboard. Combined, they are all committed to make their audience forget about the world and simply enjoy the music. 
After the earlier album by Lotto King Karl he got famous among the local radio channels and one of his song Hamburg meine Perle got famous on a national level. He won Countdown Grand Prix 2000 on February 18th, 2000 for his song on Fly. He secured seventh place and become more popular with the time. Ray Charles created his recording label with the name North Coast Records and sold his records on it and distributed it with Sony. His tour that was named as Rock Over Hamburg kept him popular in the local media. He gave one single that made its way in the German charts. The song was titled as No borders, no fences and it was released in 2004. The song was a result of a jingle made for advertising.  
His first movie was done in 2003. He has also been very active on TV shows; you may have seen him as a co-host and commentator on shows like, The 100 Most Annoying..., Chart Show and 90. He has tried his talent on radio as well and worked from 2003 till 2011 on radio. Ray Charles has been the announcer of Hamburger SV and it's his song, Hamburg meine Perle is sung in its football version on every game.  
If you remember his entertainment packed tours like, Born2Rock-Live2Die then you are certainly going to understand the importance of Lotto King Karl tickets. People are so excited for his performance that tickets are selling like hot cakes. This is your chance to enjoy his latest music live. His last album What's up with Frank? is still fresh in our minds and with your cheap Lotto King Karl tickets you can certainly enjoy that fun once again.

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