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The indie rock band Local Natives made quick waves in the music industry with their sweeping orchestral songs and celebratory swagger. The Silver Lake, LA based band released their debut album in 2009 and received instant success. The five-member band comprises of the vocalist and guitarist Taylor Rice, instrumentalist Kelcey Ayer, mandolin and guitarist Ryan Hahn, bassist and backing vocalist Andy Hamm and the drummer Matt Frazier. Ayer and Hahn assist Rice in vocals and together they are known to create marvelous harmonies. The three hailed originally from the Orange County and went to neighboring high-schools. They started playing together, primarily emerging as a guitar band. Much later after graduating from college, the three decided to focus more seriously on their music. Andy along with Matt joined soon after and Local Natives was formed. The band was initially called Cavil at Rest. However, after all the members started playing, their communal effort along with the kind of music they were producing encouraged them to change it to Local Natives.

About Local Natives

While the rock-stars believe that their music can’t be defined in words, the music experts have termed it as, “afro-pop influenced guitars with hyperactive drumming and hooky three-part harmonies”. They play around with different rhythms to produce soothing orchestral melodies. Local Natives is one of those bands where all the members participate equally and the music is created through collaborative efforts. Everything from songwriting to artwork is done jointly and through mutual agreement. They all share a special bond and closeness that is quite evident in their compositions. These multi-talented artists have great passion for the art and believe in creating genuine music. Coming from different musical backgrounds, each member brings with him varied influences. While they claim to be inspired by all kinds of musicians, special recognition is given to Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Black Flag and the Zombies. With the esoteric fusion of afro-beats with post-punk, Local Natives have created their own brand of indie rock.

The band had been playing together for almost three years before bringing out their talent to the surface. When Local Natives decided to switch from guitar band to a vocal band, they spent a lot of time on arranging harmonies and working on the writing process. After realizing that they were onto something great, the five-piece went to live together in a house in Silver Lake. During the whole of 2008 they worked ardently on their debut album and the creative process was the most enchanting experience of their life. With few songs EPs in their kitty, Local Natives travelled to Austin in March 2009 to participate in the annual SXSW festival.  The event which serves as a launching pad for aspiring artists has brought to surface some phenomenal musicians. As the band moved from one gig to the other, they became the biggest success story of that year’s event. The attendance to their performances increased each time and they became the crowd’s favorite. After playing in nine shows, Local Natives got themselves a lot of press coverage and their talent was lauded by many. Surprisingly their music got a lot of recognition from the UK music industry as compared to US.

In November 2009 the band released their album “Gorilla Manor” in UK and it earned great reviews from the fans. Followed the overseas success, Local Natives released it for the US audiences in February 2010. The album took the music lovers by storm and ranked number three on the New Artist Chart. The self-funded record featured 12 tracks, all of which were accepted well by the fans. The first house where the band stayed together and wrote most of the songs was affectionately called, Gorilla Manor. The band decided to pay tribute to the house by naming their debut album in its honor. The vocal harmonies, soft tones and the rhythmic intricacies remain the highlight of this sensational album. It includes hit tracks like “Wide Eyes”, “Camera Talk” and “Sticky Thread”. Every song follows multiple percussion rhythm and is styled with three-part vocal harmonies. Local Natives unique take on music has helped them produce a beautifully crafted album.

Following the release of “Gorilla Manor”, the band has been performing worldwide, in front of a sold-out crowd. They have an amazing stage presence and their rocking melodies set the arena alive. The future super-stars will soon be spreading their magic in your city, so get your Local Natives Tickets now! It’ll be a night to remember.

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