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The inspirational and innovative guitar virtuoso, Leo Kottke has been entertaining and enthralling audiences throughout the world. His intoxicating melodies and awe-inspiring performances leave a long lasting impression on listener’s hearts. Buy Leo Kotke Glenside tickets and enjoy the skilful and talented performance of the widely-recognized guitar master.

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Born in 1945, Leo Kottke is known for a finger-picking style drawing influences from jazz, blues and folk music. His syncopated and polyphonic melodies attract a lot of audiences. His main focus is instrumental music but he also sings sporadically. He plays solo on his signature 6-string and 12-string guitars. His extra-ordinary career includes 23 studio albums, 4 Live albums, 10 compilation albums and 4 Soundtracks.
Growing up, Kottke absorbed a variety of musical influences including folk and delta blues music. He used to play trombone and violin as a child before he picked up his own picking style with guitar. In 1966, he started performing regularly in a Coffeehouse in Cedar-Riverside Minneapolis. He released his first album in 1966 named 12-String Blues. He also recorded 6- and 12-String Guitar, an album which was also called Armadillo album and its various re-released versions brought for him fame and recognition. He released Greenhouse in 1972 and My Feet Are Smiling in 1973 which was recorded live. With these albums, he shifted towards an eclectic mix of musical genres including folk, jazz, rock and bluegrass.
In 1975, Kottke released his seventh album named Chewing Pine. At that point, he reached the list of United States top 50 guitarists for the first time and gained international appreciation. In 1980s, after suffering from tendinitis, Kottke changed his picking style to classical one implementing jazz-oriental compositions and playing techniques. He released three more albums from 1989 to 1991. In 1999, he released One Guitar, No Vocals. In 2002, he collaborated with Mike Gordon and released two albums subsequently with him, Clone and Sixty Six Steps.
Kottke also did some re-working and re-recording of his early tunes in later part of his career. He also combined old tunes into new compositions. In 1990, he created a work for acoustic orchestra and guitar and orchestra named as Ice Fields. It featured 5 movements and each of them was based on his existing composition with interlude sections and orchestral backing. He also collaborated with John Fahey, Rickie Lee Jones, Margo Timmins, Lyle Lovett and Chet Atkins on his records. He appears frequently on the radio program titled as A Prairie Home Companion. Kottke received an honorary Doctorate in Music Performance from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
Kottke has mostly gained positive reviews from critics and garnered worldwide popularity with a significant fan following. His powerful technique, combined with her extensive tours make him most likeable among fans. With a full command over his instrument, he is renowned for his lively and humorous concerts and interaction with audiences giving them the entertainment they love. His singing voice is unconventional yet expressive and during his live performances he presents unique, funny and sometimes bizarre monologues with vocal and instrumental selections from his career. Buy cheap Leo Kottke Glenside tickets and enjoy the performance of one of the great artists of his generation.