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Before 2002, most of the people knew James Murphy as the Co-Founder of a record label called DFA Records, but after 2002, Murphy came up with a musical project that completely changed the way people knew him. He established a new persona for himself, and that was of a successful and critically acclaimed musician. He along with other group members produced music while exploring the genres of Dance, Punk Rock, Experimental Rock and Electronic music. This kind of experimentation has paid off the group pretty well, as all the three albums that the group released charted in various musical top ten. Their most recent release was 'This is Happening', which came out in 2010.

About Lcd Soundsystem Tickets

After LCD Soundsystem was formed, the group released its debut single titled "Losing my Edge", and gained good amount of exposure amongst the listeners of that genre. Since it was a dance track, the single soon became one of the most played tracks in the underground dance club scene. Following the success that group gained from Losing My Edge, two more singles of the group emerged titled 'Yeah' and 'Give it Up'. Just like its predecessor, both of these singles did amazingly well, and helped LCD Soundsystem in establishing the fan base that they were looking for.

Later in the month of February of the year 2005, the group released a double disc set entitled LCD Soundsystem, which needless to say, also did great critically. Of these two discs, the first one comprised of the groups studio album while the other one contained re-mastered and re-released versions of the groups singles that they released previously. The album featured the opening track titled "Daft Punk is playing at My House", which was soon seen in the UK Top 40 chart after its release. Following its popularity, the track was also featured on the soundtracks of various video games including, Motor Sport 2, FIFA 06, and Burnout Revenge. After getting good amount of fame and fan base, the group finally decided to take its act live, which it did along with M.I.A.

In the same year of the release of their album, the group was also nominated for two Grammy Awards in the category of dance and electronic music. Moreover, the album was also ranked at the Top 100 Editor's Pick of 2005 on the Amazon.com. In the October of the following year, a track titled 45:33 was released by Murphy on iTunes, which was basically a promotion with Nike. The track lasted for amazing 45 minutes and 58 seconds, making it the longest track released by the group.

Sound of Silver was the title of the group's second studio album, which surfaced in 2007 on March 12. The album was released to global critical acclaim, as the album received amazingly good reviews from most of the music critics. Following the release, LCD Soundsystem released a single titled North American Scum, which was then following by another one of their singles titled All My Friends. Before going on tour with Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem released an E.P titled 'A Bunch of Stuff' in September 2007, which was succeeded by the released of another one of their singles titled Someone Great. By the December of 2007, the group came up with 'Confuse the Marketplace', was released exclusively for the North American Market. The group received a Grammy Nomination yet again in December for the category of Best Electronic/Dance Album. Single "All My Friends" from Sound of Silver was named amongst the ten best Songs of the year 2007 by the Times Magazine.

The group's recent studio album, "This is Happening" came out on May 18, 2010. The album once again received critical acclaim as it received positive reviews from most of the critics. Following the release the group has decided to take their act live. So if you dance music is your thing, then you're definitely going to like their live performances. So buy some LCD Soundsystem Tickets today and enjoy this rocking musical concert with your friends!

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