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If you think of space age extreme and outrageous in the music industry one has to think Lady Gaga! An over-the-top dance-pop performer whose debut single, "Just Dance," hit the international charts and got crowned, recognized her as an up-and-imminent superstar upon its release in 2008. Her innumerable hits made her undeniably the most prominent star in the music industry. Gaga brought the music industry a new and outrageous element of performing and music which made her stand out in the crowd. After that, it has been an avalanche of music awards and nominations coming towards her. Gaga is anything other than one more cookie-cutter blonde pop princess. Notorious for her contagious beats, eccentric fashions and an erratic manner, Gaga is a feisty Space age Madonna to the music panorama. Inspired by the Kings of music like Michael Jackson, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles she has built her empire by her extravagant sense of theatrical fashion and dance-enthused, electro-rock performances that her fans just get hooked.

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The pop fashionista's live stage performances are known to be over the top compared to the TV shows with wild stage backdrops dance crews and elaborate costumes changes one after the other one is left in awe to her out of this world and over the edge entertaining persona. Lady gaga's coming to Vancouver to make her fans go crazy all over again. So if you don't want to be left out and miss out on one of the worlds Biggest Star performances; get your Lady Gaga Vancouver tickets right now!