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The two renowned hard rock and heavy metal bands have come together to set the stage ablaze in their joint tour. Kiss and Def Leppard are now bringing their energetic music and fiery performances to your city. If you do not want to miss out on this exciting event then get your Kiss and Def Leppard tickets at the earliest.

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About Kiss Def Leppard


Kiss came into being in the early 70s in the New York City. Its roots can be traced back to a rock and roll band Wicked Lester. In 1972, the band’s founding members, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, came across the veteran drummer, Peter Criss, and the trio started a new version of the band. Lead guitarist, Ace Frehley joined the trio in 1973 and the quartet took the name of Kiss. The ensemble quickly gained popularity owing to their distinctive music and elaborate stage performances. By the later part of the decade, Kiss was already an internationally acclaimed rock and metal music act.


In their live shows, the members of the band don spectacular stage outfits and wear face paint to give a unique, comical style appearance. Their performances also include several breathtaking stunts like fire breathing, levitating musical instruments, smoking guitars, shooting rockets and many other pyrotechnics. Kiss’s music is as distinctive as their stage shows. An interesting combination of anthemic, fist pounding hard rock and the sleek ballads and hooks of loud guitars, sweeping strings and sweet melodies have allowed Kiss to distinguish themselves from their contemporaries in all manners of music and performances. The repertoire of the band includes at least twenty-eight gold albums, which have sold more than hundred million records worldwide.


Kiss has been a recipient of the People’s Choice Award in addition to a Grammy nomination. The band has also been inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The original lineup had dispersed in 1980, but owning to a wave of Kiss nostalgia, they reunited in 1996 and performed a top grossing tour. Currently the band consists of the founding members, Simmons and Stanley, along with Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer. The talented quartet is now coming to thrill you with their incredible performance. Do not miss it.


Sharing the stage with Kiss is another equally popular rock and metal band, Def Leppard. This group came into being in 1977 as part of the new wave of British heavy metal movement. Their breakthrough came in the 80s with their 1981 album, High ‘n’ Dry, which defined the ensemble’s style of music as a guitar-driven; power pop and definitive hard rock band. The band successfully toned down the heavy riffs of their contemporary hard rock bands to create their own signature brand of crossover melodies. Their creative and entertaining videos also added another attractive feature to their music. Def Leppard currently consists of Rick Savage, Vivian Campbell, Rick Allen, Joe Elliott and Phil Collen, which is the same lineup since 1992.  


Def Leppard released its debut album in 1980. Titled as, On Through the Night, this album debuted in the Top 15 in the UK. Their 1987 block buster album, Hysteria, lead the band to shift from their idiosyncratic pop metal, hard rock tunes to louder and edgier beats. The album has become twelve times platinum in the U.S., and has sold more than twenty million copies worldwide. The repertoire of Def Leppard includes nine studio albums with the tenth all set to be released in 2015. In their forthcoming performance, the band might give a sneak peek to its fans, into their upcoming album.


Kiss and Def Leppard promise a double dose of rock and metal music that will keep you on your feet throughout their performance. Do not miss this unique opportunity to become a part of a fun-filled concert and get your Kiss & Def Leppard tickets today.


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