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Imagine the magic of a relentless live performer together with the Grammy nominated alternative rock music group, The Fray, on stage! The thought gives you goose bumps, right? Kelly Clarkson and the Fray are performing together in a concert this summer! Fans in thirty cities will get a chance to hear the mega hit singles such as How To Save A Life, Over My Head, A Moment Like This, Because Of You and many others. Kelly Clarkson The Fray tickets will take you back in the past decade and let you experience the best pop music, live.

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About Kelly Clarkson The Fray

The show, Kelly Clarkson The Fray is planned right after the release of Clarkson’s latest album ‘Stronger’ that has recently been certified as Gold and features hits like Mr Know it All, Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) and many others. Fray will be promoting its brand new album as well, titled ‘Scars and Stories’ and will feature hot favorites of the audiences including songs such as Run For Your Life, Heartbeat, Be Still and others. Another highlight of the tour is the opening act, Carolina Liar; a band that has been entertaining pop rock fans since 2006 with songs such as ‘Beautiful World’, ‘Me and You’ and ‘Drown’, among others.
Kelly Clarkson The Fray is expected to be an exclusive event for all pop rock music lovers. It is special because of the brilliant music profile possessed by the performers in this concert. Both of them are a gift of the new millennium to the music industry. Kelly Clarkson was the winner of American Idol’s inaugural season. She is among the few artists who have enjoyed continual success over the years since the start of their career. Her second step up the ladder of fame was her song A Moment Like This, that broke The Beatles record for making the biggest leap to the first position all the way from number 52. She has released five studio albums so far with a number of songs that have graced the Billboard Hot 100 chart for a considerable period of time. The artist accredits the perfection in her music to her influences that includes Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Jimi Hendrix, Radiohead and many others. Her list of accolades in a decade’s long career is highlighted by Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards and many others.
The limelight at Kelly Clarkson The Fray event will be shared by Fray, that got famous with the release of its second song How To Save A Life. It was positioned at the third place on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts and got the band nominated for a Grammy Award in the category of ‘The Best pop Vocal Album’. The band has released three albums so far with ‘Scars and Stories’ as the latest one. Kelly Clarkson The Fray will feature songs not only from its latest album but also the hits from its earlier albums. Fray is known for its excessive use of piano in its melodies which makes the critics compare its sound to that of Coldplay and Keanne. Its list of influences is topped by bands such as Counting Crows, Better than Ezra, U2 and others. Fray in all these years has been appreciated for its emotive style in making music. Lyrics for most of its songs are centered on the themes of happiness, death, sadness. Since audiences can relate to the songs of the band well, its concerts are flocked with people of all ages from around the world.
Having an idea of a huge fan following of both the performers, Kelly Clarkson The Fray is expected to have a huge audience turn out. Kelly Clarkson The Fray tickets are available on discounted rates. Do you plan to go to the concert? If yes, then this is the best time to get the tickets! Hurry and avail the offer as early as possible!

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